Move along Fat Man

Boo is not fond of Santa Claus. This year is a slight improvement over last year when every time she saw his picture she cried “I NO LIKE”. At least now she will say her approximation of Santa Claus (anta) or call him ismiss. This past weekend our Church’s youth group put on a Pancake with Santa event. Boo loves her pancakes and had been good not too bad didn’t get thrown out of Mass (although the woman in the next to us was decidedly having un-Christian like thoughts about us).

How could this go wrong? All I had to do was take the girls into the hall and eat pancakes. We didn’t have to go near Santa. Right? We are nicely eating our pancakes, Abby leaves for CCD and the it happened.

Now I ask you, those out there that are of sound mind and not those crazy ones that play with the Elf…..if you see a child sitting down showing absolutely NO interest in you, as you sit on your throne would you get up off the throne and walk over to them?

Would you continue to walk towards them as the child cowered and then tried to dive back into the womb? Would you then say, “Oh is she shy”?

I replied, “No she is terrified. Thank you (I do have some manners) but please move along”.

He did and then continued to come back to our table (we were the only ones at this table). Not once, not twice but trice. Finally I gently asked had enough gave him the stare I use on Abby in Mass.  

Move along, fat man. Move along my look said. 

I told Abby this story after CCD. I thought I would have her support. After all she is always looking out for Boo. Her analysis:

Boo is NEVER getting on the good list.

14 thoughts on “Move along Fat Man

  1. Christine

    What in the world was he thinking??? Santa really has to know by now that some kids are terrified of him. There are millions of photos of kids screaming and crying when placed on the dude's lap. He has to know. Why? Why would he do that?? Bad Santa.
    But, I do love your evil eyes. That had to have worked. 🙂


  2. Janine Huldie

    Sometimes it just boggles my mind how people think. If you see a child who is scared of you, why would you persist to try engage this child. Abby's comment at the end did make me smile, but still I am sorry you had to have this happen to you and Boo this past weekend.


  3. Dana Hemelt

    My daughter had a friend who was terrified of the Chik Fil-A cow. They were about five years old, and the cow approached this little girl, who then went ballistic. The dumb cow kept trying to calm her down. Why he didn't just move along is beyond me – I guess I should have shot him ” the look.”


  4. Kristi Campbell

    HAHA to Abby saying Boo is never getting on the good list!!!! This is the first year that Tucker said Christmas, but it was all about the lights n the presents. Santa is only ok in theory. He hates the real one. Like you know, the mall one…


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