Best answer: What does the term genotype mean?

What is a genotype simple definition?

In a broad sense, the term “genotype” refers to the genetic makeup of an organism; in other words, it describes an organism’s complete set of genes. In a more narrow sense, the term can be used to refer to the alleles, or variant forms of a gene, that are carried by an organism.

What does genotype mean in biology?

A genotype is an individual’s collection of genes. The term also can refer to the two alleles inherited for a particular gene. The genotype is expressed when the information encoded in the genes’ DNA is used to make protein and RNA molecules.

What terms are used with the term genotype?

terms used with the term genotype. recessive, dominant, homozygous, heterozygous. chromosome that does not determine the gender of an individual. autosome. alternate forms of a gene.

What is meant by genotype and phenotype?

Introduction to Genotypes and Phenotypes

The genotype definition is a set of genes in DNA that determines the unique traits possessed by a living organism while the phenotype is the physical appearance of an organism.

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What is genotype AS and AA?

If the dominant allele is labeled as “A” and the recessive allele, “a”, three different genotypes are possible: “AA”, “aa”, and “Aa”. The term “homozygous” is used to describe the pairs “AA” and “aa” because the alleles in the pair are the same, i.e. both dominant or both recessive.

How do you represent a genotype?

If you are interested in looking at A and B genes jointly, the genotypes are written together (e.g., AABB. AaBB, aaBb, etc.). Each pair of letters represents the genotype of a single gene. The dominance relationship of the alleles of a single gene must be investigated by the appropriate experimenal crosses.

What is a genotype in psychology?

n. the genetic composition of an individual organism as a whole or at one or more specific positions or loci on a chromosome. Compare phenotype. See also paratype.

What do we mean by the terms genotype and phenotype give two examples of each?

For example, two mice that look virtually identical could have different genotypes. But if they have visibly different traits – say, one has white fur and the other has black fur – then they have different phenotypes.

What is the chromosome?

(KROH-muh-some) A structure found inside the nucleus of a cell. A chromosome is made up of proteins and DNA organized into genes. Each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes.

What are 5 examples of genotypes?

Examples of Genotype:

  • Height. For an individual’s gene makeup there is tall variety (T) and there is short variety (s). T and s are called the alleles. …
  • Freckles or no freckles. Again the information that is passed from parent to child is carried in the cell of the genotype. …
  • Lactose intolerance.
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What are the 3 types of genotypes?

There are three types of genotypes: homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive, and hetrozygous.

Is genotype same as blood group?

If someone has blood type A, they must have at least one copy of the A allele, but they could have two copies. Their genotype is either AA or AO. Similarly, someone who is blood type B could have a genotype of either BB or BO.

Blood types and genotypes?

Blood type Possible genotypes