Question: What gametes would an organism with the genotype BB produce?

Therefore, each allele for a given gene is packaged into a separate gamete. For example, a fly with the genotype Bb will produce two types of gametes: B and b. In comparison, a fly with the genotype BB will only produce B gametes, and a fly with the genotype bb will only produce b gametes.

Which of the following describes an organism that has the genotype BB?

An organism with two dominant alleles for a trait is said to have a homozygous dominant genotype. Using the eye color example, this genotype is written BB. An organism with one dominant allele and one recessive allele is said to have a heterozygous genotype.

How many different types of gametes would an organism with the genotype AABbCc produce?

In this case of genotype AABbCc, A gene will give only one type of gamete, B can give two types of gametes and c can give two types of gametes. Thus, totally four types of gametes will be produced.

What are the possible gametes that could be formed from an organism with a TT genotype?

Explanation: The parental diploid genotypes, such as TT and Tt will be separated into haploid gametes during meiosis. So the parent with the genotype TT can only pass on the T allele to all of its gametes. So it would produce only one type of gamete when it comes to the TT genotype, which would be T .

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Is BB heterozygous or homozygous?

A bull with two alleles for a black coat is homozygous (BB). A calf that has one allele for red coat color and one allele for black coat color is heterozygous (Bb). Heterozygous individuals contain two different alleles which results in conflicting instructions.

What is heterozygous example?

If the two versions are different, you have a heterozygous genotype for that gene. For example, being heterozygous for hair color could mean you have one allele for red hair and one allele for brown hair. The relationship between the two alleles affects which traits are expressed.

How many types of gametes can be produced by a diploid organism?

Types of gametes =2n where n is number of heterozygous loci. Thus, gametes produced by a diploid organism could be 24=16.

What type of gametes are formed from a plant of genotype TtRr?

Total number of types of gamete produce by an organism is 2n, where n is the number of heterozygous genes present. Since given genotype TtRr is heterozygous for two genes, thus total possible gametes by it = 22=4.

What is a gamete genotype?

Genotype refers to the genetic makeup, composition, or structure of a specific organism. Gamete refers to the cell. It can be a male cell. It can be a female cell. … Each gamete carries half a genotype, since each gamete (whether this is a male gamete or a female gamete) is a haploid, a single set of chromosomes.

What gametes can be produced from an individual with the genotype AaBbCcDdEe?

The number of different possible gametes produced by the diploid genotype (AaBbCcDdEe) is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 32 (2 for each pair of heterozygous genes).

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What are gametes example?

In short a gamete is an egg cell (female gamete) or a sperm (male gamete). … This is an example of anisogamy or heterogamy, the condition in which females and males produce gametes of different sizes (this is the case in humans; the human ovum has approximately 100,000 times the volume of a single human sperm cell).