What are homologous chromosomes GCSE?

A homologous pair of chromosomes have genes which code for similar characteristics in similar places on the chromosome (For example if one of the chromosomes had on it a gene for blue eyes its homologous chromosome would have a gene for eye colour in a similar position, but it may be brown instead of blue).

What is meant by homologous chromosome?

Homologous chromosomes are made up of chromosome pairs of approximately the same length, centromere position, and staining pattern, for genes with the same corresponding loci. One homologous chromosome is inherited from the organism’s mother; the other is inherited from the organism’s father.

What are homologous chromosomes Igcse?

Homologous chromosomes: Carry the same genes in the same positions.

What are homologous chromosomes AQA biology?

A homologous chromosome pertains to one of a pair of chromosomes with the same gene sequence, loci, chromosomal length, and centromere location. A homologous pair consists of one paternal and one maternal chromosome. … That is because the sex chromosomes, X and Y, in males are not homologous.

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What is a chromosome in biology GCSE?

Chromosomes are thin strands of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). They are subdivided into genes . In most cells, chromosomes are located in functional pairs in the nucleus . Humans have 46 chromosomes arranged in 23 pairs.

What are homologous chromosomes Class 10?

Homologous chromosomes are defined as two pieces of DNA within an organism who is a diploid (2n) which carry the same genes one from each parent i.e. one from a father and one from the mother. … Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes which encode the same genes.

What do you mean by homologous chromosomes Shaalaa?

Solution. Homologous chromosomes are chromosome pairs that are similar in length, gene position and centromere location.

What is homologous chromosome Class 9?

Homologous chromosomes are chromosome pairs (one from each parent) that are similar in length, gene position, and centromere location.

What is homologous chromosome Class 11?

Homologous chromosomes – Homologous chromosomes are defined as a set or pair or chromosome which offspring received and got from its parent one from the maternal parents and one from the paternal parent.

What is homologous chromosome Class 12?

Hint:Homologous chromosomes are pairs of chromosomes that have the same structure including centromere position and staining, and length, and have alleles for the same genes at the same loci on each chromosome. …

What are homologous chromosomes 2 marks?

A pair of chromosomes made up of two homologs. Homologous chromosomes have corresponding DNA sequences and come from separate parents; one homolog comes from the mother and the other comes from the father. Homologous chromosomes line up and synapse during meiosis. 2.

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How does meiosis create genetic variation GCSE?

Meiosis produces daughter cells that are genetically different from each other. … genetically different daughter cells result from the independent segregation of homologous chromosomes. crossing over between homologous chromosomes results in further genetic variation among daughter cells.

What is a gene AQA A Level biology?

A gene is a base sequence of DNA that codes for: the amino acid sequence of a polypeptide. a functional RNA (including ribosomal RNA and tRNAs).

What is a chromosome GCSE AQA?

Chromosomes carry genetic information in a molecule called DNA. A type of cell division called mitosis ensures that when a cell divides each new cell produced has the same genetic information. DNA exists in a cell’s nucleus within structures called chromosomes .

What are chromosomes ks3?

The chromosomes are found in the nucleus of each cell. Each cell with a nucleus contains chromosomes, which are made from DNA. Human body cells each contain 23 pairs of chromosomes, half of which are from each parent. So, human gametes (eggs and sperm) each contain 23 chromosomes.

Why are chromosomes found in pairs GCSE?

The reason the chromosomes are in pairs is because one set of chromosomes comes from the female parent via the egg and the other set of chromosomes comes from the male parent by way of the sperm.