What do you mean by mitotic spindle?

In cell biology, the spindle apparatus (or mitotic spindle) refers to the cytoskeletal structure of eukaryotic cells that forms during cell division to separate sister chromatids between daughter cells.

What is mitotic spindle and its function?

The mitotic spindle is the macromolecular machine that segregates chromosomes to two daughter cells during mitosis. The major structural elements of the spindle are microtubule polymers, whose intrinsic polarity and dynamic properties are critical for bipolar spindle organization and function.

Where is the mitotic spindle?

Mitotic spindle scaling. At metaphase during symmetrical cell division, the spindle must be located at the centre of the cell, the chromosomes placed on the spindle equator and the spindle poles positioned a specific distance apart.

What is mitotic spindle made of?

The mitotic spindle is a highly dynamic molecular machine composed of tubulin, motors, and other molecules. It assembles around the chromosomes and distributes the duplicated genome to the daughter cells during mitosis.

What are the parts of the mitotic spindle?

The mitotic spindle is a special device essential for chromosome segregation ( mitosis) during cell division. It consists of three parts, chromosomes, two asters and a spindle region (Fig. 1). The overall shape of the mitotic spindle is due to microtubules, which are made of α and β-tubulin subunits.

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What is mitotic spindle quizlet?

Mitotic spindle. An assemblage of microtubules and associated proteins that is involved in the movements of chromosomes during mitosis.

What does a mitotic spindle look like?

Spindle fibers are made up of microtubules and they appear as spindle-shaped structures (thus, the name). They develop outside the nucleus during mitosis. The major components of the mitotic spindle include the spindle fibers (microtubules), microtubule-associated proteins, and the microtubule organizing center.

How big is a mitotic spindle?

laevis extracts, mitotic spindles grow to a maximum size of approximately 50 μm, similar to the maximum size of those found in early embryos and larger than the 30-μm spindles assembled in meiotic extracts.

How do you say mitotic spindle?

Phonetic spelling of mitotic spindle

  1. mi-totic spin-dle.
  2. mi-totic spindle.
  3. mitotic spindle.

What is the mitotic spindle made of quizlet?

The mitotic spindle begins to form. The spindle is a structure made of microtubules, strong fibers that are part of the cell’s “skeleton.” Its job is to organize the chromosomes and move them around during mitosis. In prophase, the spindle grows between the centrosomes as they move apart.