Your question: What speech problems accompany Down syndrome?

Children with Down syndrome typically have a delay in language acquisition and vocalization. They may not begin to speak until they are between 24 to 36 months old, as opposed to between 10 to 18 months for a child without DS. Children with DS also typically have difficulty with the rules of grammar.

How does Down’s syndrome affect speech?

Individuals with Downsyndromewill often have difficulty producing certain speech sounds, with some speech being difficult for others to understand. Children with Down syndrome commonly have delayed speech, language and communication skills in comparison to their typically developing peers.

Do people with Down syndrome struggle with speech?

One of the areas of communication difficulty that most people are familiar with in people with DS is speech intelligibility. This is often one of the most difficult areas for people with Down syndrome at all ages. Speech is highly complex.

Why do people with Down syndrome have speech issues?

Children with Down syndrome have specific impairment in the phonological loop component of working memory relative to their non-verbal abilities, and this is now thought to be a major cause of their speech and language difficulties.

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Do people with Down syndrome need speech therapy?

There is no medical cure for Down syndrome, however, children with Down syndrome benefit from early access to medical care and developmental interventions beginning in infancy. Beneficial therapies for Down syndrome include physical, occupational, behavioral, and speech therapy.

Why do children with Down syndrome have delayed speech?

The links between language and cognition

Children with Down syndrome are expected to show cognitive delay, to be slower in developing their awareness and understanding of the world and to think reason and remember. This cognitive delay may be in part the consequence of the language learning difficulties.

When do kids with Down syndrome speak?

Generally, children with Down syndrome have verbally expressed their first words between ages one and four. They’ve connected two words to make a phrase between the ages of two and seven-and-a-half.

What does speech therapy do for Down syndrome?

Keep in mind also: For a child with Down syndrome, receptive language (how much they understand) is usually much stronger than their expressive language (how much they can express to others). As speech therapists, we can help bridge that gap by helping them learn to communicate with gestures and sign language.

Can people with Down syndrome speak clearly?

Most people with Down syndrome find it difficult to speak clearly enough to always be understood by everyone around them. These communication difficulties can present obstacles to learning, friendships, employment and independence.

How can I improve my Down syndrome speech?

Keep talking

Remember to speak clearly and to encourage eye-contact with children with Down syndrome. They need to be looking and listening. They will also be helped by visual cues in sign or picture. Remember also that background noise will make listening much more difficult for them if they have any hearing loss.

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