Frequent question: Which meiotic division is more similar to mitosis Why?

Meiosis II is much more similar to a mitotic division. In this case, the duplicated chromosomes (only one set, as the homologous pairs have now been separated into two different cells) line up on the metaphase plate with divided kinetochores attached to kinetochore fibers from opposite poles.

What meiotic division is most similar to mitosis?

Meiosis II is most similar to mitosis as in meiosis II it is the centromere between two sister chromatids which lines up on the metaphasal equator and not the chiasma joining two homologous chromosomes as in meiosis I.

What part of meiotic division is similar to mitosis quizlet?

Which part of Meiosis is similar to Mitosis? both result in the separation of existing cells into new ones. Telophase I of meiosis is similar to Telophase of mitosis, except that only one set of (replicated) chromosomes is in each “cell”.

How are mitotic and meiotic division similar?

Mitosis and Meiosis Similarities

Both processes have a growth period called interphase, in which a cell replicates its genetic material and organelles in preparation for division. Both mitosis and meiosis involve phases: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase.

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Is mitosis more similar to meiosis I or II?

When the tetrad is broken up and the homologous chromosomes move to opposite poles, the ploidy level is reduced from two to one. For this reason, meiosis I is referred to as a reduction division. There is no such reduction in ploidy level during mitosis. Meiosis II is much more similar to a mitotic division.

Which division in meiosis is more similar to mitosis in which division do sister chromatids separate from each other?

Cytokinesis produces four haploid daughter cells from the original diploid cell. OBJECTIVEDistinguish processes and outcomes of meiosis I and meiosis II. Meiosis I is the reduction division, and meiosis II is more similar to mitosis in that the sister chromatids are separated.

What are the primary similarities and differences between mitosis and meiosis?

Mitosis produces two cells from one parent using one division event. But meiosis produces four new child cells with two divisions, each of which has half the genetic material of its parent. Mitosis takes place all over the body, while meiosis only takes place in the sex organs and produces sex cells.

Which of the following is one way that meiosis II is more similar to mitosis Dan meiosis I?

Each gamete is unique. In what ways is meiosis II similar to and different from mitosis of a diploid cell? The two divisions are similar in that the chromosomes line up along the metaphase plate individually, meaning unpaired with other chromosomes (as in meiosis I).

What do mitosis and meiosis have in common quizlet?

What does mitosis and meiosis have in common? They both are involved in cell division. What is asexual reproduction? When a new organism is produced from one organism.

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