How can I help my child with Down syndrome in school?

Provide visual materials to support the spoken word, including visual timetables and pictures of the topic at hand. Use a buddy system, so that the child with Down syndrome is not left behind just because they missed an instruction. Pre-teach new material in a quiet setting, such as individual resource time.

How can a teacher support a child with Down syndrome?

In organising support for the student with Down syndrome, the class teacher should aim to: Keep withdrawal to a minimum and give the child access to as much of the normal curriculum as possible. Encourage the child to become an independent learner. Foster co-operative working with other children in the class.

How does Down syndrome affect learning in the classroom?

Learning potential

People with Down syndrome generally take longer to learn new things. New skills may need to be broken down into smaller steps than for other learners and more repetition may be needed to retain learned skills.

How will I adapt my class to accommodate a Down syndrome child?

How Do You Accommodate Students With Down Syndrome? First, always speak directly to the student, using clear, receptive language and short sentences. Place a strong emphasis on visual learning when teaching reading to students with Down syndrome. Think visual demonstrations, pictures, and illustrations.

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How do you motivate a child with Down syndrome?

How to Motivate a Child with Down Syndrome

  1. Learn about DS. The more you know, the more you can help both you and your child.
  2. Love and play with your child. Treat him or her as you would treat a child without disabilities. Take your child places, read together, have fun together.

How do you teach someone with Down syndrome?

Tactile demonstrations and activities also appeal to many students with Down syndrome. Directly teach timetables, routines and school rules to students. Speak directly to the student, using clear language and short sentences, and use appropriate and unambiguous facial expressions.

Can Down syndrome kids go to regular school?

Yes. There are special programs beginning in the preschool years to help children with Down syndrome develop skills as fully as possible. Along with benefiting from early intervention and special education, many children can be integrated into the regular classroom, to some extent.

What makes a Down syndrome learner unique?

Down syndrome can affect learning abilities in different ways, but it usually causes mild to moderate intellectual impairment. Children with Down syndrome have delays in speech and motor skills, and may need help with self-care, such as dressing and grooming.