How many DNA molecules will be found in each cell during prophase?

A cell will have a duplicated amount of DNA molecules during prophase. In humans, this equates to 92 DNA molecules.

How many DNA molecules will be found in each cell during prophase enter your answer as a whole number?

Each sister chromatid is a DNA molecule (double helix). If there are 10 replicated chromosomes, each containing two sister chromatids, then there are 20 DNA molecules in the cell during prophase.

Is there DNA in prophase?

During prophase, the complex of DNA and proteins contained in the nucleus, known as chromatin, condenses. … Chromosomes are made of a single piece of DNA that is highly organized. The replicated chromosomes have an X shape and are called sister chromatids.

How much DNA is in each phase of mitosis?

Mitosis ends with 2 identical cells, each with 2N chromosomes and 2X DNA content.

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How many DNA molecules are in prophase 2 of meiosis?

No. of chromosome=4 and as two DNA molecules are held at a common centromere.

What happens to the number of DNA molecules and chromosomes during meiosis?

Cell cycle Stages Number of DNA molecules /cell Number of Chromosomes/cell
In Meiotic Stages
Metaphase I 8 4
Metaphase II 4 2
After cytokinesis of Meiosis II 2 2

How many DNA molecules are in G2?

So no. of DNA molecule in G2 will be =8. No. of chromosome= 4 and as two DNA molecules are held at a common centromere.

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Cell cycle Stages Number of DNA molecules /cell Number of Chromosomes/cell
G2 8 4
In Mitotic Stages
Metaphase 8 4
Anaphase 8 8

How many DNA molecules are present in a body cell in G2?

Each chromosome in G2 consists of two double-stranded DNA molecules (chromatids) joined by a single centromere.

How many number of cells are in prophase?

On this slide, there are 21 cells in interphase, 4 in prophase, 2 in metaphase, and 1 in telophase. Why are most of the cells in interphase? Recall that interphase makes up the majority of the cell cycle. Let’s look at another slide.

What 3 things happen in prophase?

The main events of prophase are: the condensation of chromosomes, the movement of the centrosomes, the formation of the mitotic spindle, and the beginning of nucleoli break down.

What process takes place during prophase?

During prophase, the parent cell chromosomes — which were duplicated during S phase — condense and become thousands of times more compact than they were during interphase. … Cohesin forms rings that hold the sister chromatids together, whereas condensin forms rings that coil the chromosomes into highly compact forms.

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Is prophase a G1?

G1 phase: The period prior to the synthesis of DNA. … G2 phase: The period after DNA synthesis has occurred but prior to the start of prophase. The cell synthesizes proteins and continues to increase in size. The G2 phase is the second gap phase.

During what phase in the cell cycle would you find the most DNA per cell?

For this reason, the enzyme complexes that copy DNA have the greatest access to chromosomal DNA during interphase, at which time the vast majority of gene transcription occurs. In addition, chromosomal DNA is duplicated during a subportion of interphase known as the S, or synthesis, phase.

Which phase is the reverse of prophase?

D TELOPHASE. The last stage of mitosis, telophase, is in many ways the reverse of prophase. When the two sets of halved chromosomes have reached their destination, the spindle disappears and the nuclear membrane is formed around each new nucleus.

What happens during prophase 2 of meiosis?

During prophase II, the chromosomes condense, and a new set of spindle fibers forms. The chromosomes begin moving toward the equator of the cell. During metaphase II, the centromeres of the paired chromatids align along the equatorial plate in both cells.

Is there a prophase 2 in meiosis?

Definition. During prophase II of meiosis II, four important steps occur. These are the condensing of chromatin into chromosomes, disintegration of the nuclear envelope, migration of centrosomes to either pole, and the reconstruction of the spindle apparatus.

How many DNA molecules sister chromatids are present during meiosis I prophase I?

Recall that there are two divisions during meiosis: meiosis I and meiosis II. The genetic material of the cell is duplicated during S phase of interphase just as it was with mitosis resulting in 46 chromosomes and 92 chromatids during Prophase I and Metaphase I.

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