In which of the given chromosomes centromere is present at the Centre Metacentric sub Metacentric Acrocentric Telocentric?

In which chromosome centromere is present in the Centre?

Chromosomes having centromere exactly in the middle are called as metacentric.

Where is metacentric chromosome present?

Metacentric chromosomes have the centromere located midway between the ends of the chromosome, separating the two arms of the chromosome (Figure 1). Chromosomes with centromeres positioned visibly off-center are called submetacentric.

Where is the centromere located on an acrocentric chromosome?

In acrocentric chromosomes, the centromere is located quite near the distal end of the p-arm. Human chromosomes 13–15, 21, 22, and Y are acrocentric. Telocentric chromosomes have their centromere at the very end of the chromosome.

Which of the following type of chromosome has centromere slightly?

telocentric. In submetacentric type of chromosome, the centromere lies at some disance away from the midpoint, dividing the chromosome into two unequal arms.

What occurs at the centromere?

Centromere plays an essential role in proper chromosome segregation during mitosis and meiosis in eukaryotic cells. Centromere function includes sister chromatid adhesion and separation, microtubule attachment, chromosome movement, establishment of heterochromatin and mitotic checkpoint control.

Which chromosomes are acrocentric chromosome?

In humans, chromosomes 13, 14, 15, 21, and 22 are acrocentric, and all of these chromosomes are associated with Robertsonian translocations.

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What are Acrocentric and telocentric chromosomes?

Acrocentric – centromere severely off-set from centre, leading to much shorter p arm (e.g. chromosomes 13 – 15, 21, 22, Y) Telocentric – centromere found at end of chromosome, meaning no p arm exists (chromosome not found in humans)

What is Acrocentric centromere?

An acrocentric chromosome is a chromosome whose centromere is subterminal. The centromere is closer to the end rather than the center. It should not be confused with subtelocentric chromosome wherein the centromere is comparatively nearer to the end than that of the centromere of an acrocentric chromosome.

Are centromeres present in interphase?

Since the period of interphase when DNA is replicated is the S phase, it’s also the time during which centromeres are replicated. This makes sense since centromeres are part of chromosomes and chromosomes are S phase is the part of interphase when DNA duplication takes place.

In which of the following centromere is found on the proximal end?

Ø In telocentric chromosomes, the centromere is located at the proximal end (tip) of the chromosome. Ø The chromosomal tips are called as telomeres. Ø These chromosomes appear as ‘i’ shaped structure in the metaphase stage of cell cycle.

Are centromeres always present?

As previously mentioned, the centromere is easily visualized as the most constricted region of a condensed mitotic chromosome. Although the word “centromere” is derived from the Greek words centro (“central”) and mere (“part”), centromeres are not always found in the center of chromosomes.