Quick Answer: What affects phenotype other than genotype?

Environmental factors such as diet, temperature, oxygen levels, humidity, light cycles, and the presence of mutagens can all impact which of an animal’s genes are expressed, which ultimately affects the animal’s phenotype.

What affects someone’s phenotype?

The term “phenotype” refers to the observable physical properties of an organism; these include the organism’s appearance, development, and behavior. An organism’s phenotype is determined by its genotype, which is the set of genes the organism carries, as well as by environmental influences upon these genes.

How do genes affect phenotype?

A phenotype is an individual’s observable traits, such as height, eye color, and blood type. The genetic contribution to the phenotype is called the genotype. Some traits are largely determined by the genotype, while other traits are largely determined by environmental factors.

What factors affect gene expression?

Various factors, including genetic makeup, exposure to harmful substances, other environmental influences, and age, can affect expressivity. Both penetrance and expressivity can vary: People with the gene may or may not have the trait and, in people with the trait, how the trait is expressed can vary.

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Can the environment affect a person’s phenotype how?

If environmental factors have a strong influence, the phenotypic plasticity is high. If genotype can be used to reliably predict phenotype, the phenotypic plasticity is low. Overall, the amount of influence that environmental factors have on your ultimate phenotype is a hotly debated scientific issue.

What two things influence an individual’s phenotype quizlet?

Genetic and environmental factors combine to influence phenotype. Genetic and environmental factors combine to influence phenotype.

Can you change your phenotype?

A phenotype is the composite of an organism’s observable characteristics or traits, such as its morphology, development, biochemical or physiological properties, phenology, behavior, and products of behavior. If you can change the environment (including your internal environment) then you can change your phenotype.

How are genotype and phenotype related to each other?

Explanation: The genotype is an individual’s collection of genes. The phenotype is the expression of the genotype in a certain environment. … Depending on which environment (E) the individual is living, the phenotype will change but the genotype will be the same.

What is the relationship between genotype and phenotype?

The genotype of an organism is defined as the sum of all its genes. The phenotype of an organism is the observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism, determined by both genetic make-up and environmental influences.

What are two internal factors that can affect gene expression?

Changes in gene expression can be induced by external factors like environment (diet, smoking), internal signals such as stress (hypoxia, nutrient deprivation), inflammation and tissue repair, and even genetic material such as non-coding RNAs.

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What are some factors that influence access and use of genetic information?

Other factors include the availability of quality genetic resources in the community, the appropriateness of genetic technologies offered to the community, the accessibility of clinical and genetic services, the costs and benefits of using genetic technology, and the community’s knowledge of the use of genetics to …

How does light affect gene expression?

The pure numbers of differentially expressed genes in this experiment showed that higher light intensities require almost 4 times more genes to be induced than at low light intensity.

How mutations and environment affect phenotype?

Mutations can be inherited and therefore passed on from one individual to another. If a mutation causes a new phenotype that makes an organisms better suited to a particular environment, it can lead to rapid change in the characteristics of the individuals in that species.

Can As marry as blood genotype?

However, AS and AS should not marry because there is every chance of having a child with Sickle Cell Disease, while AS and SS shouldn’t think of marrying. And definitely, SS and SS must not marry since there’s absolutely no chance of escaping having a child with the sickle cell disease.

What causes genotype to change?

Genotype generally remains constant from one environment to another, although occasional spontaneous mutations may occur which cause it to change. However, when the same genotype is subjected to different environments, it can produce a wide range of phenotypes.