What does it mean if you are heterozygous for the brown eye trait?

As we saw with red hair, what this means is that if you have a “brown” version (B) of the eye color gene and a “blue” version (b), you will have brown eyes. You will be heterozygous (Bb). Things are not so simple. For example, 1% of people with two blue versions (and who should have blue eyes) have brown eyes instead.

What does it mean to be heterozygous for eye color?

When alleles are heterozygous they are unalike in some way. Alleles determine the genotype, or genetic structure, of a specific gene. For example, you may have received the allele for brown eyes from your mom and the allele for blue eyes from your dad; that means that you are heterozygous for eye color.

What is heterozygous trait?

Getty Images. Heterozygous is a term used in genetics to describe when two variations of a gene (known as alleles) are paired at the same location (locus) on a chromosome. By contrast, homozygous is when there are two copies of the same allele at the same locus.

Is brown hair heterozygous?

Black hair is homozygous dominant. Brown hair is heterozygous. … This is an example of incomplete dominance. A woman with brown hair marries a man with brown hair.

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What causes Hazeleye?

Hazel eyes are eyes that have a combination of green, gold, and brown coloring, which sets them apart from most other eyes, which are a solid color. The amount of each color can vary among different people with hazel eyes, which can cause hazel green eyes or hazel brown eyes.

Is heterozygous dominant trait?

An organism with two dominant alleles for a trait is said to have a homozygous dominant genotype. Using the eye color example, this genotype is written BB. An organism with one dominant allele and one recessive allele is said to have a heterozygous genotype.

What causes heterozygous?

In medical genetics, compound heterozygosity is the condition of having two or more heterogeneous recessive alleles at a particular locus that can cause genetic disease in a heterozygous state; that is, an organism is a compound heterozygote when it has two recessive alleles for the same gene, but with those two …

What are the clinical issues associated with being heterozygous?

in heterozygotes has been reported together with signs of a slightly increased cerebral irritability, a possible slight increase of risk for mental disease, and an increase of blood phenylalanine levels in stress situations.

What are the heterozygous genotypes?

(HEH-teh-roh-ZY-gus JEE-noh-tipe) The presence of two different alleles at a particular gene locus. A heterozygous genotype may include one normal allele and one mutated allele or two different mutated alleles (compound heterozygote).

Is having brown hair a phenotype or genotype?

Dominant alleles are represented with capitals letters. B, for brown hair, is a dominant allele. This means than someone who has a genotype of “BB” or “Bb” will have brown hair. In other words, that person’s phenotype will be that they have brown hair.

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What is the probability of two heterozygous parents having a heterozygous offspring?

The chance of either parent being a heterozygote is 1/4, as calculated above. Then, the probability that both parents are heterozygotes, and the probability that two heterozygotes will have a heterozygous child, is 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/2 = 1/32.