What is the phenotype of a homozygous red flowered snapdragon?

What is the phenotype of the offspring when a homozygous red snapdragon is crossed with a homozygous white snapdragon?

The original phenotypes reappear when new homozygous individuals are made. The classic example of this type of inheritance is the snapdragon flower color. If homozygous red snapdragons (RR) are crossed with homozygous white snapdragons (WW) , the F1 generation will have all pink flowers (RW).

Is a red flower homozygous?

The red color is dominant as the red flower is heterozygous. The white color is homozygous.

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When a red flowered Snap Dragon plant is crossed with a white flowered plant then the phenotypes of is likely to be all red?

A red snapdragon flower is crossed with a white snapdragon flower, and all the resulting flowers from the cross are pink.

In which Cross will you get all pink flowers?

In Mirabilis, red (RR) and white (rr) flower produces pink (Rr) flower.

What is the phenotype of a heterozygous snapdragon flower?

In snapdragons, flower color is controlled by incomplete dominance. The two alleles are red (R) and white (R’). The heterozygous genotype is expressed as pink.

What is the phenotype of the heterozygote?

The heterozygote genotype of Rr results in pink flowers. When the heterozygote has a different, intermediate phenotype compared to the homozygous dominant or homozygous recessive individuals, this is said to be incomplete dominance. lethal alleles.

What is the phenotype of a heterozygous flower combination of red and pink?

Assuming that R represents the red color allele for petal color, and r represents the white color allele, the homozygous RR genotype will produce the red color phenotype, the heterozygous Rr genotype will produce the pink color phenotype, and the homozygous rr genotype will produce the white color phenotype.

What is the genotype of a homozygous red flowered plant?

Therefore, a homozygous red-flowered plant will have RR genotype, while the homozygous white-flowered plant will have rr genotype.

What are the genotypes of the pink red and white flowering plants?

3. Now let’s say that R and r are codominant. The Rr genotype results in a pink flower-color. Out of four offspring, how many will have pink flowers.

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What is phenotypic expression called?

Phenotypic expression is the result of a complex interplay between an organism’s genes and its environment. During growth and development, organisms undergo a programmed series of phenotypic changes. … The ability to vary phenotypic expression in response to environmental conditions is known as “phenotypic plasticity.”

What is the phenotype of RR?

The allele that produces red flower color (R) is not completely expressed over the allele that produces white flower color (r). The result in the heterozygous genotype (Rr) is a phenotype that is a mixture of red and white, or pink.

What happen when a red flowered homozygous snapdragon plant is crossed with a heterozygous snapdragon plant work out all the genotypes and phenotypes?

Since the heterozygous hybrid individual shows a different phenotype, i.e., pink colour flowers.

Which statement best explains why a red flowered snapdragon crossed with a white flowered snapdragon results in a pink flowered offspring?

A red-flowered plant is crossed with a white-flowered plant, and the resulting offspring have pink flowers. What is the best explanation for this pattern of inheritance? This is incomplete dominance, where both alleles are expressed at the same time, giving an intermediate phenotype.

What is the genotype of the pink flowers?

The genotype for the pink flower is Rr and the genotype for the white flower is rr. This would lead to a 50% chance of the offspring having a phenotype of pink.

When red and white flowers are crossed pink flowers are produced what is expected when two pink flowers Cross?

Explanation: Incomplete dominance is an example of a non-mendelian trait (doesn’t follow the genetic rules established by Gregor Mendel). When two parents mate and produce offspring, the offspring is a blend of the two parents. So, a red flower and a white flower would make a pink flower.

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