What occurs when the male gamete fuses with the female gamete in the same flower?

male gamete fuses with a female gamete to produce the zygote. This fusion is probably the result of a definite chemical attraction, and in some cases the chemical nature of the attracting substance would appear to have been identified.

When Mendel crossed true breeding pea plants bearing yellow seeds the offspring had?

The yellow-seed allele is dominant and the green-seed allele is recessive. When true-breeding plants were cross-fertilized, in which one parent had yellow seeds and one had green seeds, all of the F1 hybrid offspring had yellow seeds.

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When Mendel crossed true breeding pea plants that had round yellow seed with true breeding plants that had wrinkled green seed?

When Mendel allowed heterozygous F1 plants that had round yellow seed to self-pollinate, he found that SOME of the F2 plants had wrinkled green seeds. The law of independent assortment states that GENES for different traits are inherited independently of each other. phase that crossing over occurs.

Who was the first person to succeed in predicting how traits are transferred from one generation to the next?

The way in which traits are passed from one generation to the next-and sometimes skip generations-was first explained by Gregor Mendel. By experimenting with pea plant breeding, Mendel developed three principles of inheritance that described the transmission of genetic traits, before anyone knew genes existed.

When he crossed two pea plants that were heterozygous?

Mendel was studying genetics by performing mating crosses in pea plants. He crossed two heterozygous pea plants, which means that each plant had two different alleles at a particular genetic position. He discovered that the traits in the offspring of his crosses did not always match the traits in the parental plants.

When Mendel crossed true-breeding yellow peas with true-breeding green peas the yellow allele is dominant the F1 generation contained?

Mendel crossed true-breeding plants having yellow peas with plants having green peas. The resulting plant had all yellow peas. An F1 cross resulted in 3/4ths of the plants having yellow peas and 1/4th of the plants having green peas.

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When Mendel crossed pure breeding yellow and green pea plants the dominant to recessive ratio in the F1 generation was?

Mendel proposed the Law of Segregation after observing that pea plants with two different traits produced offspring that all expressed the dominant trait, but the following generation expressed the dominant and recessive traits in a 3:1 ratio.

What will happen when round green and wrinkled yellow peas are crossed with each other make a chart to show the progeny and mention their ratio?

1) Round yellow is a dominant trait over wrinkled green. When the given parental plants (with genotype RRYY and rryy) are crossed, they will produce RrYy (Round yellow offsprings) in the F1 generation.

How did the probabilities of yellow seeds and green seeds compare with each other?

When counting all four possible outcomes, there is a 3 in 4 probability of offspring having the yellow phenotype and a 1 in 4 probability of offspring having the green phenotype. This explains why the results of Mendel’s F2 generation occurred in a 3:1 phenotypic ratio.

Is PP genotype or phenotype?

There are three available genotypes, PP (homozygous dominant ), Pp (heterozygous), and pp (homozygous recessive). All three have different genotypes but the first two have the same phenotype (purple) as distinct from the third (white).

How did Mendel explain the inheritance of traits?

Gregor Mendel, through his work on pea plants, discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance. He deduced that genes come in pairs and are inherited as distinct units, one from each parent. Mendel tracked the segregation of parental genes and their appearance in the offspring as dominant or recessive traits.

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What Did Mendel’s genetic model predict?

What did Mendel’s genetic model predict? Parents are equally important in the transfer of genetic information. … an alteration of DNA in a parent’s egg or sperm. The “unit of inheritance” is the cell.

What statement describes Mendel’s hypotheses gametes?

Which statement describes Mendel’s hypotheses regarding gametes? A gamete carries one allele for a gene. What controls traits and inheritance? Scientists often use fruit flies as a method to test hypotheses about human genes.