Which element is used for mitotic spindle?

Which element is used in mitotic spindle?

(ii) The element is calcium. (iii) It is also present in the middle lamellae of cells.

Which element helps in spindle formation?

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Question A nutrient element essential for the formation of microtubules of the mitotic spindle apparatus during cell division is
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Which is needed during the formation of mitotic spindle?

In eukaryotic cells, polymerization of microtubules from alpha and beta tubulin is initiated at the centrosome to form the mitotic spindle and the structure for cytokinesis. During cell division the microtubules continue to polymerize and the mitotic apparatus elongates (Figure 43.10A).

Which element accumulates in older leaves?

Calcium is required by meristematic and differentiating tissues. It accumulates in older leaves.

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Which one starts formation of microtubules?

Nucleation is the event that initiates the formation of microtubules from the tubulin dimer. Microtubules are typically nucleated and organized by organelles called microtubule-organizing centres (MTOCs).

Which protein is the major component of mitotic spindle?

Mitotic spindle is mainly made of microtubules. These microtubules are made by polymerisation of globular tubulin proteins.

Which mineral element is needed for synthesis of auxin?

Zinc ions are required for the synthesis of auxin.

Which element helps in the formation of middle lamella?

The middle lamella is made up of calcium and magnesium pectates.

Which element is constituent of ring structure of chlorophyll?

Magnesium occurs as magnesium pectate in the middle lamella and it is also required for binding of ribosome subunits during protein synthesis so it acts as a constituent of the ring structure of chlorophyll. It activates several enzymes involved in photosynthesis and respiration.

Is CA required for mitotic spindle?

We conclude that Ca2+ signals evoked by IP3Rs are required to orient the mitotic spindle.

Which of the following mineral element has a role in spindle Fibre formation as well as importance in normal functioning of cell membrane?

During cell division, calcium is used in the synthesis of cell wall, formation of mitotic spindle and also activates certain enzymes and plays an important role in regulating metabolic activities.

Which competes with iron and magnesium for uptake?

(2) Manganese competes with iron and magnesium for uptake and with magnesium for binding with enzymes.

Which of the following elements in plants is not remobilized?

Calcium is the element in plants which is not mobilised.

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Which minerals activate the enzymes involved in respiration?

Magnesium activates the enzymes of respiration, photosynthesis and is involved in the synthesis of DNA and RNA.