You asked: In which phase of mitosis would a human cell have 92 sister chromatids?

Are there 92 chromosomes in meiosis?

The parent cell has 4N (92 chromosomes) and two daughter cells have 2n (46 chromosomes). Meiosis differs in that; during metaphase the chromosomes lie side by side. … The parent cells have 4N (92 chromosomes) and the daughter cells have 2N (46 chromosomes). But that is just the first meiotic division.

How many chromatids would a cell containing 92 chromatids at the metaphase of mitosis produce at its completion of the cell division?

Mandira P. 92 chromatids present at metaphase of mitotic cell division means there are 46 chromosomes, each with two chromatids.

During which phases of mitosis do you have sister chromatids?

During which phase of mitosis do sister chromatids separate? An overview of the cell cycle and mitosis: during prophase the chromosomes condense, during metaphase the chromosomes line up, during anaphase the sister chromatids are pulled to opposite sides of the cell, and during telophase the nuclear envelope forms.

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How many sister chromatids are there in mitosis?

Each daughter cell will have half of the original 46 chromosomes, or 23 chromosomes. Each chromosome consists of 2 sister chromatids.

Do human cells have 92 chromosomes during mitosis?

Similarly, in humans, there are 92 chromosomes present and 92 chromatids during anaphase. … The genetic material of the cell is duplicated during S phase of interphase just as it was with mitosis resulting in 46 chromosomes and 92 chromatids during Prophase I and Metaphase I.

Are there 92 chromosomes in mitosis?

During metaphase, there are 46 chromosomes composed of two sister chromatids each that align at the metaphase plate. Then, during anaphase, these chromatids are separated and pulled to opposite poles of the cell. This separation results in 92 separate chromatids in the cell, which are considered 92 chromosomes.

How many chromatids will a human cell have in metaphase of meiosis 2?

Metaphase II: In metaphase II of meiosis, the 23 chromatid pairs gather at the center of the cell prior to separation. This process is identical to metaphase in mitosis, except that this is occurring in a haploid versus a diploid cell.

Which of the following events occurs during metaphase of mitosis?

Which of the following events occurs during metaphase of mitosis? The chromosomes align along the metaphase plate of the cell. … Each duplicated chromosome appears as two identical sister chromatids. A cell contains 40 chromatids at the beginning of mitosis.

How many chromatids does a human somatic cell contain at the end of G2 phase just prior to mitosis?

The key to this question is to remember the difference between chromosomes and sister chromatids. During the G2 phase the cell has already undergone DNA replication (in the S phase). Each of the chromosomes will therefore have identical sister chromatids. There will be 92 sister chromatids, but only 46 chromosomes.

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During which phase of meiosis do the sister chromatids separate?

Anaphase. During anaphase, sister chromatids separate and move to the spindle poles (Figures 2 and 3). Anaphase consists of two phases, anaphase A and B.

In which phase of mitosis do the sister chromatids become daughter chromosomes prophase telophase metaphase anaphase?

During telophase the sister chromatids become daughter chromosomes.

What happens during the metaphase stage?

Metaphase is a stage in the cell cycle where all the genetic material is condensing into chromosomes. These chromosomes then become visible. During this stage, the nucleus disappears and the chromosomes appear in the cytoplasm of the cell.