Posts, pictures, etc….

Unless otherwise specified, all the writings and photographs on this site are done by me, Kerri Ames, and considered copyrighted.  It’s probably why most of the photos are blurry and not edited properly. The photo you see on my blog’s landing page was done by Laura at Family Tree Photography. She is awesome, so don’t steal her picture but maybe call her for a photo shoot.

All other photos were taken by me, family and friends. They are not watermarked or protected because that is above my technical knowledge. Please do not reprint or post without my written permission.

The My Challenge page was written by both writers and real-life people. Again, please do not steal their work. It’s important. Remember that while their Challenge might seem easy to you, it is theirs to share.

I love comments, seriously. It is how I know someone other than my best friends and mother read this blog. My only rule: be polite. If you don’t agree with something I write, that’s okay. But be kind, I don’t attack you and don’t appreciate attacks. If I have offended you, please let me know. The intent of this blog is to show our life so it probably wasn’t intentional. I reserve the right (cause, hey it’s my blog) to delete any comments I feel are hateful, mean-spirited or SPAM. However I have enough Catholic guilt  in me to pre-apologize.

If you are looking for a guest post, please contact me at I am always willing to promote and collaborate with other writers.



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