For the Love of Music

I have never been into plays or musicals. I love music. I always have it playing in the background. I try to sing to it, until Bridget tells me to stop because I am “not good”.

Bridget has always loved music. On her iPad she will zoom past the dialogue and stop like a dime when the music and singing starts. She loves it all: Grease, any Disney Movie and the Barbie movies. If there is a music, Bridget is having a good time.

Fast forward through the disaster that was Covid-related and Bridget has found a new hobby.

The high school musical.

This spring we have see three shows. First we saw Mary Poppins at a local high school. Bridget was enthralled. The minute Mary Poppins entered the stage, Bridget was in awe.

A few weeks later we went to a local production that was completely laid back. A junior theater company presented “Raise Your Voice”. From the Lion King to Guys and Dolls. The company presented songs Bridget knew (I think she jumped up when they sang “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical.

Last weekend we went to a local school’s production of “Les Mis”.

I am probably the only human on the planet that had no idea what Les Mis is about.

The content did not matter to Bridget, she sat there in awe as she watched the production. To the “mean man” to the “pretty girl” that were singing Bridget sat through the three hour performance and then asked when we were going again.

There is so very little that captures Bridget’s attention, she does not “play”, she does not have the imagination her sister had growing up. Thankfully she also does not have a recorder.

The love of music? That is becoming Bridget’s “thing”. Something she can not only get excited about going to but also come home and tell others about. From telling her friends at school that Mary Poppins kids were bullies, to recognizing the songs from different genres in Raise Your Voice. In Les Mis, Bridget understood when Eponine dies and actually stood up in the theater with her arm reached out as if she could save her.

Every year I struggle to find things for Bridget to enjoy, every birthday and holiday I refuse to buy toys she will not play with or gifts for the sake of wrapping something up. Being able to connect with Bridget through the high school plays have been eyeopening.

It was one more thing I never expected, that she once again defied my expectations.

And once again, Bridget has opened possibilities.

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