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This photo shows

I love my IPhone but are you like me and your photos now live online rather than on your walls?  This one though I’m going to print. It shows how lucky I am. It’s a photo taken when Bridget was bored at a restaurant and so that I could finish my pinot meal her sister took her shopping.  Her sister let her pick out something and then showed her how to pay.

This photo shows why grandmas are always loved more than moms. This photo shows joy that we all should feel and carry with us. Continue reading


All kids have milestones that are not in the what to expect (not!) handbook.  New moms and dads dream about the first “momma”, the first fish caught and the first time their screaming newborn sleeps through the night.

There are however other milestones they are not aware of and some even I never expected.
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I had another post planned…

Today I was going to participate in the Finish The Sentence Prompt hosted by the fabulous Kristi of Finding Ninee and her friends Mardra  and Kenya. Instead I am sitting here with goosebumps, sick to my stomach.

We lost another person to Suicide, Anthony Bourdain. Continue reading

Graduation Day

This past weekend was Graduation weekend on the Cape. I love attending graduation and seeing children that I’ve known longer than they’ve been alive in their cap and gowns. I burst with pride alongside their parents and loved ones, knowing how hard they worked for this small piece of parchment.  I take pride in knowing my signature is on their their diploma. That I had a very small hand in helping them succeed.

Truly it is one of my most favorite days of the year. Continue reading