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Throw-back Thursday, today to not quite end Down Syndrome Awareness Month I am reposting a blog from October 31, 2013. It is beyond important to raise awareness for what Down Syndrome is and what it is not. This post explains why it is so important to any parent whose child has a special need.

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My first give away!

October is a pretty busy Awareness month. There is the Down Syndrome 31 for 21 that I participate in every year. Cerebral Palsy Awareness falls within October. Food Allergy Awareness comes into play with Halloween. Breast Cancer Awareness month, Domestic Abuse Awareness, Child Health Day and the list goes on and on.

It is also Sensory Awareness Month. While I am more than aware that Bridget has sensory processing disorder, I was unaware there was a month long awareness campaign. Until I was approached and asked to share Jennifer Shaw’s story.
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Dear Candidates

It is the month of the robo-call and campaign commericals. The calls that come right when we are eating dinner, bath time and bedtime. Let’s not forget the calls that come right after the girls have gone to bed and it is now time for me to relax (or do laundry). I’m a voter. I get the importance of using your vote in an attempt to change the world.

I do not need a zillion phone calls that are prerecorded to tell me why their opponent is not as wonderful as they are. I do not need to see endless commercials smearing the opponents reputation, family and values. Unless they are a serial killer, than yes call me and tell me how horrible they are. Continue reading

My Challenge: Robin

Today is pretty cool day for a Challenge. I have never met Robin, she isn’t a blogger and I wouldn’t know her if she hadn’t taken the time one day to reach out via e-mail and offer an avenue for me to explore with Boo. Beyond cool for me. When I asked her to write a Challenge for this series I had no idea what she would submit. Those of you with young children hold onto your Cheerios as Robin explains life after the kids grow up.

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Good things come in Three or thanks to Coach Eli

Thanks to Coach Eli for helping me with today’s post. I normally don’t worry about writing every day but I am committed to the 31 for 21 challenge. Or should be committed, but let’s just say I love a challenge. But needed a prompt.
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Not quite a Wordless Wednesday

Milestones are awesome. Unexpected milestones, well. They are my favorite. This weekend we (gulp) gave away Bridget’s walker. She hasn’t used it in 3 years. But donating the walker was a big step for me. It meant I finally stopped worrying that she would have some catastrophe and not be able to walk.
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