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I’m thankful…

This week I am thankful for so much and am happy that The Considerer, Kristi and Joy have created this weekly remembrance.  A time to look back on the week that was and say, you know it didn’t really suck.

10. School is officially out. Now, I know I will be singing a different tune next week. But to have no homework battles? Allie is doing the happy dance.

9. A night out with colleagues. I never go to business dinners. I usually make excuses don’t have the time. But this week I went out to a nice restaurant with peers whom you would think outside of work we had nothing in common. Holy crap did we laugh. It was truly a beautiful night out, even if the Bruins lost.

8. I fit into my skinny shorts without having to suck in my gut, that much.

7. Remember that tent/tunnel system? Well guess who moved in…

Yup, Bailey discovered the tent

So I am thankful some one in the house is using it.

6. That while Allie did not get the BEST TEACHER EVER for fourth grade the one she ended up with she is not nervous about.

5. That Boo’s summer program starts in just nine days. Please understand, her teachers and aides so deserve a break. I do not know how they do their job day in and day out with a smile on their face. But I am beyond thankful that they will be back soon. Even better her aide Sydney should be returning.

4. At a recent party there was a bounce house. Boo not only went into it willingly she loved it. The older kids ran all around and she laughed, jumped and was involved. This is huge from just a couple of months ago when the bounce house terrified her.

3. Kristi for letting me know how pet rocks came to be. It had been really bothering me for a long time. In all seriousness, Kristi’s posts make my day. The fact that she took time out of her busy life to help me with a photo issue has not been forgotten.

2. I have two nieces due to be born within the next week. Kind of funny that they are being born so close together when they live a million miles apart. After a long time waiting to have children, my brother and step-brother’s wives are due on the same day. I just hope they don’t choose the same names.

1. That there are only 66 days left of hearing I’m bored summer vacation.

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you take a moment to enjoy a glass of wine, a ray of sunshine and a quick thank you for making my days easier!

Ten Things of Thankful

ABC’s of blogging

Dana and Kate got on the ABC bandwagon last week and it was fun to learn more about them. Since I am such a dweeb and like knowing random facts about people- here are my ABCs of blogging…

A.    Attached or Single–attached, I usually have a small child attached to my hip.

B.    Best friend–Tia!

C.   Cake or pie–Whoopie Pies

D.   Day of choice–Any day that I don’t have to be perfect

E.    Essential item–diaper bag. You just never know when it’s gonna blow.

F.    Favorite color–Yellow. It just is such a happy color

G.   Gummy bears or worms–Ewww I’m not 8, although Allie says choose the bears and save them for when my pallet expander is out

H.   Hometown–anywhere there is family (corny, yes)

I.      Favorite indulgence–come on, you must know by now!

J.    January or July–July even if it means tourist season has opened

K.    Kids–two, well three if you count the husband, four if you count the dog. Essentially I am freaking out numbered

L.    Life isn’t complete without? Oxygen

M.   Marriage date? I didn’t have a date on my wedding. The groom showed up though

N.   Numbers of brothers/sisters–two brothers and a sister

O.   Oranges or Apples–Apples in an appletini

P.    Phobias–Being without that diaper bag and a hazmat happening

Q.   Quotes–“It’s the first day of school”

R.   Reason to smile–Abby’s expression when I told her I was looking forward to the first day of school.

S.    Season of choice–Fall

T.    Tag 5 people–darn, the link is expired so I can’t tag anyone!

U.   Unknown fact about me–I have never had a beer.
V.    Vegetable–green beans

W.  Worst Habit–laughing at inappropriate times

X.    Xray or Ultrasound–okay, who thought of this one? I would have to say ultrasound because it really is cool to see a baby before it is born.

Y.    Your favorite food–Lobstah

Z.    Zodiac sign–Aquiarias

Now the link-up is closed, but play along! Choose one of the above and tell us about yourself.

I did it!

After two weeks of “training” I did it. I managed to run a 5k and not be the last one across the finish line. My husband ran it with me. He did not train at all. Which makes me extremely jealous, as he never got out of breath.

The race started with motivation from the 19 year-old who organized the race to raise money for Crohn’s Disease. Mackenzie is a cool kid who has battled Crohn’s for the past three years. When she had to postpone starting college due to the disease instead of sitting back and feeling sorry for herself, she organized a 5k.

She is an inspiration for all children not to let illness, disease or hardship to defeat them. As she finished her speech she informed us that this was an “easy” 5k with just one hill. Oh, but it was a killer hill with a cemetery at the top if anyone couldn’t make it!

With those words of wisdom we were off! I started off with the pack, that quickly left me behind. David (thankfully) believes in leaving no man behind so he slowed to my pace. My goal? Keep the 80 year-olds behind me and not come in last.

That hill? It was after the first half-mile. As I am struggling to breathe running up the hill, David says: I know a short-cut. NO! I am not cheating, I am running this damn hill. Boo, in the stroller, is yelling RUN. Now in his defense he did offer to take over pushing her. But I was making a point and have way too much pride to give up.

Although I did slow to a walk. As we crested the hill, David encourages me to start running, after all it’s now down hill and we might be able to pass a couple of teenagers. We round the corner, Boo yelling ‘fast’ and me trying to breathe.

But we did it, we ran a 5k in under 38 minutes (okay, very close to 38, but it was under!).  There is rumor of a runner’s high. When the adrenaline starts to flow and all is peace and harmony.

I never found it.

This is what went through my mind as I ran (thought because I didn’t possess the energy to speak):

Boo really has to stop eating donuts and cookies
David knows way too many people in this town
What time does the Irish Pub open
The next time David jumps onto a staircase and shows off I hope he breaks his ankle
Crap, did I take a wrong turn
Boo screaming “I’m running” really isn’t helping
Does that girl in front of me know her ass is hanging out of her shorts
Why didn’t I know about the dress code for this race
Who can run in all that make-up
Boo please stop yelling FAST I’m doing the best I can
Where the hell is that runner’s high
How can David NOT be out of breath yet
Am I supposed to be listening to his stories
If I finish this I am so getting a burger and a glass of wine

HOLY CRAP There is the finish line!

Phew I’m not the last one across and I didn’t eat one bug

Updated rules

I don’t know why people do not pay attention to rules. Rules make life more organized and enjoyable. There is also less mom-torture with rules. For example, if you do not give a child a toy that makes obscenely loud noises the mother may invite you to the next party.

My mother-in-law, whom I do love, enjoys flaunting the rules. She will give the girls a present that she is sure will be loads of fun. But she never thinks hey what will happen when they try to take it out of the box?

See my mother-in-law loves QVC. She even went on a cruise with QVC to see some cracker lady live and in person. Her obsession is so bad that one day Allie saw a commercial on TV and replied, only 3 easy payments of $19.99 with your QVC charge. And this is how my MIL defies the rules. She buys from QVC where a savvy mother cannot then quietly exchange the gift for clothes or diapers. Her other trick is yard/estate sales. Yesterday Allie came home with four more Barbies. To go with her collection of 500 currently residing under her bed.

My MIL is also a fabulous regifter. For example, she bought Allie a tunnel system when she was about two. Fast-forward eight years later and MIL finds the gift she forgot to give to Allie. She then regifted it to Boo last fall.

I hid the gift in the basement and was successful until Allie went down to escape the heat of our 76 degree heat wave. Up she comes with this wonderful gift asking why isn’t it put together?

Guilted into putting it together because ‘we are so bored’ with our current toys I took an hour away from playing on Facebook cleaning the house and viola a new play structure was born.

The fact that I had to rearrange the living room to fit the tunnel system into the house just added to my joy.

Added to after all was said and done Boo refused to go into the tunnel system made me think of a proper revenge gift for my MIL.

Notice how Boo isn’t even in the room that the tunnel is trying to escape from? Yeah, I did too. So I stole her IPAD and Puppy and strategically placed them closer to the teepee.

David came home and said: Let me guess, my mom gave them this gift? Exactly how did he know which grandparent was responsible you might be wondering. No he is not all-knowing. 

You see, my mom doesn’t live in our town. She knows if she gives something this wonderful she will not have a place to stay in July.

What is the worst gift the grandparents have ever given your children?


Summer vacation isn’t even here yet and already I am hearing I’m bored. Allie Some people in this house might not survive until September. I offered some suggestions, but they were turned down.

And it confuses me. I thought I had some really great ideas. They included:

Painting the house.
Cleaning some one’s room.
Giving the dog a bath.
Reading a book.
Playing in their room with a few million toys.
Playing outside
Playing in the basement
Riding a bike or scooter
Cleaning the bathroom
Sweeping the floors
Changing your sister’s diaper

None of the above worked, so I took out the heavy guns:

If there is nothing in this house to amuse you, I will clean out your room with a trash bag so you are not bothered by all that “stuff”.

It bought me 30 minutes of quiet. And a quick happy dance that there is still 2 days of school left.

This week I am thankful for

With the hurry, the worry and the well crap of the week it is nice to join Kristi and Joy in remembering that good things happen every week. Not that this was a bad week. Just a busy one where I got too caught up in juggling.

Here is this week’s top-10 things Kerri is thankful for this week:

10. Kate for letting me know there were still Buffett tickets available. Although I had to pass, it was so awesome to hear from her.

9. The nephew and almost-niece that came down this weekend to visit.

8. Summer is officially here with our first fire of the season.

7. That Boo was in bed and her sneakers didn’t end up in the fire pit.

6. I completed that 5k.  I did not come in last nor did I eat any bugs.

5. The friends that let us intrude on their family gatherings. (Oh we are so intruding on your upcoming vacation too)

4. That there are still 2 and a half days of school left before I have to figure out how to entertain the girls.

3. Tuukka Rask, without him the loss would have been much more embarrassing. I will be more thankful next week if we manage to win the Cup.

2. That Boo is having a language explosion. She is becoming much easier to understand, gaining words and feeling so much less frustration.

1. That it has been 2 months since my last Diet Coke and I am no longer feeling the effects of withdrawal!

What about you? Name one thing you are thankful for this week!

Ten Things of Thankful


It is Friday and I am joining Lisa-Jo Baker for her 5-minute prompt. Ready, set and off we go…


I thought I found my rhythm. I thought I was going to be alone and ready to make a life-change/move out of my comfort zone. Then I met my husband and my rhythm changed from a single woman to a couple. Putting another’s needs before my own. We added a dog to our little house and life was good.

Eons later, just after I found my couple rhythm we got married. You would think that nothing would have changed from live-in couple to spouse. But it does. All of a sudden I was thinking long-term and making plans. Just as we found that rhythm Allie was born.

Holy crap there is nothing like adding a newborn to completely make you lose your rhythm. I floundered for a while. Not really understanding the whole wife/mother/worker role. It was difficult, I didn’t bond right away with Allie because I was so nervous I was going to screw up. But I didn’t screw up too badly (she survived). I found my best rhythm when she was a toddler. When she was no longer breakable and I could understand her needs. There is nothing like vocabulary to settle your rhythm. No longer wondering what the heck does this thing want? (Yes, I called her a thing)

We were nicely in our groove with dog, child and spouse. A new job and college degree for me. Motoring on for half a decade without any real issues. We built a house, had to establish a new routine for preschool / work /mom / spouse. Then unexpectedly there was Boo.

Holy crap, I thought one child was hard to get use to? Having two was a wake-up call. Add a child with unexpected health issues to the mix and our rhythm of the family was completely evolved. But we found our rhythm in those early months. Allie learned how to prevent Boo from choking. We freaked people out at parties with our laid-back attitude to Boo’s vomiting. Just wear a towel if you want to hold her we would say. As Boo stabilized and we were no longer on alert, our rhythm changed yet again. I also got a lot more sleep, which probably helped.

Then the dog died and a part of my husband’s rhythm was lost. Then we added a puppy and holy crap what was I thinking.

But through it all we’ve maintained our groove of our family. I may not be able to dance or sing (according to the thing) but we have managed to all survive this experience we call life. We may not always be in sync but we are all following the same tune.

Although I admit to being a tad nervous of whatever is lurking around the corner to put me off my rhythm again!



Five Minute Friday

My theme this week should be Barry Manilow

I have gone to quite a few concerts in my life.  Really, in my 30’s before that and sadly after, I was not much of a concert goer. In my teens/20’s it just wasn’t something I did a lot of. Now in my 40’s the cost of a babysitter combined with tickets? Forgetaboutit.

As a teen, I only went to two. One was Van Halen without David Lee Roth (disappointment) but my first ever concert was…

My first ever concert was Barry Manilow with my mom. She had an extra ticket, I was 12 and thought I was so adult out with her and her girlfriends. Little did I expect them all to turn into 12 year old girls and squeal at the top of their lungs. It was the first time I ever saw my mom as more than just my mom. That she was a woman with an obsession crush on this man who really liked show tunes. A woman with girlfriends and a life outside of our home, someone I may not have recognized but began to admire.


Really, pink sweater?

My husband and I owe our life together to Jimmy Buffett. Way back when you could go to a concert for under $30 we were chatting at a pick-up volleyball game. In the boldest move I have ever made I said, well, if you ever get Jimmy Buffett tickets give me a call…

David immediately replied, Do I have to wait? Proving that I am a sucker for any guy who will pay attention to me for dinner of course I said yes.  Then promptly went home and bought a Buffett tape (yes, this is how long ago the experience was) to memorize every song. You know, just in case.


A few weeks later he was able to get tickets and off we went to my first Buffett experience. If you have never experienced a New England Tailgate, think of the craziest bunch of people who may or may not be clothed. Add alcohol, sand, blow-up pools, brownies that may or may not be legal and a zillion barbeques, with a splash of sun. This is how we go to concerts up here (and Patriots games). Oh there were also inflatable sharks on every 3rd car, because why wouldn’t you bring pool floats to a parking lot? A completely different experience than Mannilow that is for sure!

There we were with 40 of his closest friends and I realized that life with this man would be an adventure.  It’s been a while since we I have gone to a concert.  I did try to get David tickets to Buffett this year. But the cost of tickets and babysitter were over $400. So I made him a mix CD instead.

To this day, I cannot hear Mandy without thinking of my mom or any Buffett song without thinking back to that first concert with David.
And those are my two favorite concert memories brought to you by The Next Step. What are your favorite memories? Join me at the Theme Thursday

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Why sometimes one child is so much easier

This sounds horrible, but when I had Allie I was one and done. I mean D-O-N-E. I didn’t think I would ever love, like, have patience or stamina for another child.

Then along came a massive fire and Boo. Swear to God as any firefighter wife and she will tell you that fire = aphrodisiac to the Men that Are. Anyway, too much information but again there came Boo.

But a couple of weekends ago, Allie had her first sleep over. We had only one child and crazy dog (what exactly is a puppy who is not a puppy but not a dog called) to be responsible for almost 23 hours.

Oh my gosh, life was easier with one child. To be able to do things at Boo’s pace, to be able to sit in the quiet with her it was magical.

This past weekend, Allie went to a friends on Saturday. Called me at 4pm to let me know she wasn’t coming home. Hello, you are 9! You do not get to just call and say you have other plans. But because the friend is like a fairy godmother we let her stay. Hubs went to work on Sunday morning, leaving me and Boo to spend the day anyway we wanted.

We went for a great walk, where she screamed RUN at me. I tried to tell her we were walking, she said Donut. I ran. For a half-mile then slowed. Then she said Cookie. I ran, then slowed. CUPCAKE!!! I ran then said, screw it. I will not be guilted by a four year-old. I just walked a little further than I planned. It was a gorgeous day…

Notice how she is relaxing as I am just trying to breathe (nope, I am not sharing that picture!). I look at it this way, not only did I get exercise but Boo had speech therapy during the walk. And any rumors that she almost rolled back into the Canal are completely fabricated.

The best part of the weekend, sadly, was being able to focus on one child. Not distracted by a million other things. Please understand I do love both my girls. But to have 23 hours to just focus on one?

I quickly realized why only children are spoiled.

Rocking it School House Style

Today I am joining Kristi and Jen in their quest to make us recall songs from before we could change the radio station. Oh, I also checked to make sure that I am on the correct week. No silly stalker mix-ups this week.

This week’s Twisted Mix tape is brought to you by the 1970’s. In the 70’s the soundtrack of my life was whatever my mom was listening to on the radio.

Google images

The radio that had about 4 buttons and Heaven help you if you rounded a corner and tried to tune the station back in. FYI this was way back when kids were allowed to sit in the front seat and not allowed to fiddle with Mom’s music. Kids are so spoiled today with their IPODs.

Google images

In the 70’s my mom was in love with the Bee Gee’s. So much that she got me my very own lunchbox. How can you mend a broken heart? Not by giving an elementary student a lunch box with three guys who may or may not have been balding. Thankfully mom also provided me with the Shaun Cassidy t-shirt and satin jacket.


Continuing on with my mom’s taste of music. After we danced like John Travolta (no my dad did not have the suit) we practiced the Hustle. “Look here’s a dance. So old it’s new. ‘Cause trash disco is the new 70’s cool.” DO THE HUSTLE. Seriously people we had the Deney Terrio magic feet in a neighbor’s basement.

Before the age of MTV we poor children had the Solid Gold Dancers, American Bandstand and Soul train. For those young enough we had the true music that taught you about the USA. It was called…

Schoolhouse Rock

Yup, this is where we learned about how a bill becomes a law. Seriously before the Disney Channel this is how we spent our mornings. Sing along now: I’m just a bill, yes, I’m only a bill. And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill. Well it’s a long, long journey to the capitol city. It’s a long, long wait while I’m sitting in committee. But I know I’ll be a law someday, at least I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill. 

Last but not least, in a homage to my mom, she also was in love with Barry Manilow. We had Mandy, Looks like we made it, Can’t smile without you and the ever popular for the kitchen dance offs…the Copacabana!

Which when you think about it was really a strange song to be dancing to with your pre-teen. Her name was Lola, she was a show girl, with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.

Course it was probably better than any song Brittany Spears has sung!

And that my friends is the soundtrack of the 70’s Kerri Style. Tell the truth, you know the rest of the words to Copacabana don’t you?

This torture was brought to you by the sisters of Twisted Mix Tuesday:

DJJENNYtyedye                     MCMomee-TuckTuck