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Deep Breath

On May 9, 2015 under the care, thoughtfulness and support of our Directors (Phyillis Kim, Jessica Woodbury and Cheryl Stober) eleven woman stood up at the Old South Church in Boston, MA and told their stories.

It is surreal seeing myself in video. That is not what I look/sound like when I think of myself.  The awkward foot posture? That is all me! So deep breath, here I go….

Thank you to the friends who came and supported me that day. Thank you to those who could not attend but showed me your love and support. Thank you to Listen to Your Mother, BlogHer and SheKnows Media for the opportunity to participate. This is all so surreal to me.  I am still in awe that LTYM has happened.I could not have done it with out all of you.

Especially my cast mates. I never imagined I would walk away from LTYM having met some of the most fantastic, courageous women on Earth. Thank you for everything you did that day (including helping me open up a lipstick).

I don’t think I am very NYC

I’m getting a little nervous about this week. I am super excited to be a Voice of the Year. I cannot wait to meet Wil Freaking Wheaton. I am words beyond description to meet my blog friends for the first time in real life. It is the first time I will be in NYC. Well, other than the one bus trip where we went for the day (15 years ago). We had a Cape Cod Happy Hour on Trump Plaza and my husband’s butt ended up out the bus window on the way back. (Long story).  I think all we saw was the road the big toy store is on where there is that floor piano from the movie Big.

Nervous? No, I am scared as hell. Continue reading

Guess who forgot she was co-hosting this week?

Every week my first every blog friend, Kristi, hosts the Finish that Sentence Friday. A few months ago she asked for sentence prompts with the idea of whomever came up with the prompt would co-host that week. It was a great idea as it kept this long-lasting blog hop going. At least that is what I thought when I gave her the prompt, “My first job….” Continue reading

BlogHer 15 is next week!

As many of you know I am beyond excited to meet Wil FREAKING Wheaton next week when we receive our Voice of the Year Awards together. I know, he might not show. But of course he is going to show! I mean, come on I’m going to be there!

I have some other news I am overwhelmed to share. I was asked to be a speaker/panelist at BlogHer 2015: Experts Among Us. I know, I am so not an expert. Just a mom sharing her journey. I will be part of a panel at Care To The People’s “The Healing Power of Stories”. I will be joined by other woman bloggers who have used their blogs to share their stories in order to build a community. They probably have earned the expert badge! I’m just happy to included.

If you happen to be at BlogHer ’15 in NYC on July 17th, I hope you join me for lunch. You will not only meet some wonderful writers, have a chance to connect with others to build your village and best yet have a delicious meal! All attendees will also be entered into a drawing. I am not sure what the prize is, but it would be great to meet everyone in person.

You can RSVP here:

Hope to see you! Oh and if you see Wil FREAKING Wheaton make sure you bring him with you. Just don’t pull a Cousin Eddie and get us into trouble.


My Best Friend Bridget

It finally happened. Bridget was invited over for her first ever official play date. A girl she went to school with last year had moved onto kindergarten without Bridget. Although “A” made new friends in kindergarten she never forgot her first “best friend” Bridget. She invited us to birthday parties and other events.

This would be the first time I would be just dropping off Bridget and going to work. In full disclosure, the mom is a trusted ESP who knows Bridget inside and out. I probably would not have been comfortable otherwise. Nervous, though, when I heard other neighborhood girls might be over to play.

Will they understand Bridget? I wondered. What if her friend is embarrassed or doesn’t want to play with her when her friends arrive? I worried.

For nothing. While I was at work worried that Bridget would not be accepted this happened:

She also played tea party, play dough (a substance banned from my house), painted and played. Bridget spun on the gymnastics bar and tried to do a cartwheel. She had snack and watched Sofia with the girls. She played Legos and colored.  Bridget played for hours with children her actual, not developmental, age and older then her.  It wasn’t noticed by any of the children that she was different than them.

My heart got three sizes too large as the text updates came in.

To “repay” our friend we had them over for dinner the following night. I watched as “A” interacted with Bridget. How she slowed down for her without realizing or explained how to play with the Barbie. I thought this is how it will be for Bridget. All her hard work, the therapies, the schooling will enable her to forge friendships. The typical peers will accept her for who she is and she will be included in their lives. Not because they have to, because they like Bridget.

Then “A” called Bridget a weirdo.

Here’s the thing though, Bridget was acting silly. “A” wasn’t being mean at all. She was laughing and treating Bridget just like she would any of her other friends. She called her on her silly behavior. When her mom (horrified) went to explain that “weirdo” wasn’t a nice word, “A” replied: it’s my best friend Bridget. I would never hurt her, she was just being silly and we were laughing.  I felt bad, honestly. I had overheard the exchange and knew “A” didn’t mean any harm. She was just laughing with her friend. Yet thankful that my friend had overheard as well and used the moment to make sure that harmful words would not used to describe my child.

Sometimes a word is just a word but it serves as a learning moment for a little girl who just repeated a term she used in school.

One word she will now defend her best friend Bridget against.

Her Best Friend Bridget