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It’s about me…

I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions. To me it is setting yourself up for failure. Until I read my friend’s first ever blog post.  This friend, a former ESP for Bridget, has been present in my life for 6 years. We’ve run a frozen Muderella together and remained Friends. She is no longer Bridget’s ESP and yet here we are, friends.  We never see one another, yet friendship remains. Then this month she began her first blog.

It’s awesome.

Her first post (When you are not even sure who you are anymore) resonated with me, and made me rethink my anti-Resolution stance.  I know who I am. While reading her post I had an AHA moment.  I realized that while I know who I am, I am not taking care of me. Therefore…. Continue reading

Inside jokes only IEP Survivors understand

The other day a friend posted their status:

When you arrive for an IEP meeting, and there is a literal car fire in the school parking lot”.

From the commentators on the status, you could pick out the ones who had been thru an IEP meeting and ones who sent their kid to the typical kindergarten.

My response: That’s one way to get your point across.
Another response: We usually just start with introductions. But a car fire sure sounds interesting.
Normal parent: WOW.

Bet you can pick out which was the parent who never went to an IEP. Continue reading

A Guide for Doctor Do’s and Dont’s When Dealing with Parents

Dear Doctor

I know your smart, it’s why I bring my child to you. However there are somethings they do not teach you in medical school that I think are important for you to learn.

Don’t tell a parent that what their child won’t do.
Do tell them that you are not a fortune teller. Continue reading