It’s been a while, let’s share a glass

I took a little hiatus from writing this blog. I was second-guessing myself, wondering if Bridget could read the words I write, the exposure of living with a child with a disability (the good, the bad and some days the downright ugly tears), would she be hurt? Would she be embarrassed? Would it negatively affect her in anyway?

When her sister was a teen, she asked to approve anything I wrote here or on social media. To this day, I respect her wishes.

I had a moment of personal ethics/crisis/I’m not sure what when it came to sharing about Bridget. Then a very good friend said to me…

That while Bridget may never know what I share, she has benefited by my willingness to expose our life to others. She never would have been diagnosed with PACS1, we never would have found our PACS1 family. I never would have learned about different therapies, ideas for treatment or been able to create this village of support we have.

With those factors in mind, I’m recommitting myself to blogging. Not every day, but at least once a week. Sometimes it’s a funny story, some times a vent session, hopefully the days that are a pity party are random. Yet all days blogging allows me to see the silver lining and keeps life in perspective.

Since we’ve made it to Friday, let’s share a glass of wine or water or whatever allows you to relax and be thankful for a few moments this week. For me, this week I am thankful that:

  1. Bridget dressed herself three days last week. She might have questionable fashion choices, but she did it!
  2. Abbey checks in more than any college-age student I know and is living her best life.
  3. The Bruins are the best in the league.
  4. I have the best friends, that let me have my pity party moments and make sure the party doesn’t last too long.
  5. For the reader of this blog that read how I love Bridget but don’t always love this life and told me she felt validated. That they reached out to comment made me feel not quite as alone (or guilty).
  6. To Bridget’s team at school that love and nurture her.
  7. That I do not have to travel over the Sagamore Bridge.
  8. My brother from another mother is home from war, hopefully for the last time.
  9. Glamping season is a month away.
  10. Friends that meet halfway for a hike followed by lunch.

What are you thankful for this week?

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