Out of all the therapies…

Throughout her life, Bridget has been exposed to just about every type of therapy designed by the medical professionals.

Speech therapy is probably one of the most frustrating for families. Unlike ABA, PT or OT, Speech therapy takes years to see any progress. With the others there are goals that have mini-steps, so while they do take time to see progress the patient and caregiver get mini-wins along the way.

It took years of PT for Bridget to walk, but she rolled over and sat up first. It took her a long time to dress herself with OT, she learned how to use a fork and put on her shoes while we waited for her to learn how to put on a dress and it not be on backwards.

With speech therapy, it felt at times that Bridget would never talk. Then when she finally did, she needed an interpreter to explain her wants as articulation took even longer. Even today, while I understand 90% of what Bridget is saying, she continues to struggle with context and sequencing.

However being immersed in a school where every moment is not only education, but therapy based Bridget has had a language explosion! She is asking how was work, mom? With a photo she can tell me about an activity at school. She tells everyone she meets that her sister is in college.

She asks the same question over and over again.

There are moments when I actually get tired of answering the same question. Something I would have never thought possible just 2 years ago.

Why is it raining out? Why is it sunny out? Why does Buddy have a tail? Why is it dark out? Why, why, why……

Answering the same 50 why questions, gave me an epiphany. I now understand why God was invented. Some poor parent was tired of answering why questions and determined because God made it!

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