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Keeping some things private

Early readers of this blog will remember when I used pseudonyms for the girls. Bridget was known as Boo (my pet name for her) and Abby was Allie (after her then favorite TV character). I was so unsure about this blog world, I wanted to do what I could to protect my children. Then I went “public” to my friends and family with this blog’s existence. People around town (and in her school) began calling Abby by her pseudonym when we were out and about. She was a little confused, and so were they when she gave them an odd look and corrected them. Continue reading

When pets multiply

It started simply enough. Since we met, we have always had a dog. First it was “my” dog, Max. Max was a terror. She didn’t like anyone but me. Until she was won over by David and then it was the three of us. We were happy. Then Max died and we broke a little.

Our family was incomplete. Less than a month later we had Baxter. Baxter was awesome. The dog that didn’t need training. Baxter was an only child until Abby came along. He went everywhere with us. If we were in the car, so was Baxter. He was our companion, our first born and one who would live in our hearts to this day.

10941866_10205472855412346_332925069063532292_n Continue reading


To say February, March and April have been incredible would be like saying …. okay there is not one analogy I could make here that even comes close to the feeling I have in this moment. This is probably close to the expression I am wearing on a full-time basis.


But….(because there is always a but) I am conflicted with feelings of jumping up and down with joy with simultaneous worry that I am bragging or being obnoxious. Add in feelings of oh not worthy, crap when is that other shoe not only going to drop but kick me in the head. I’m a bundle of emotions. Continue reading


Okay, I admit it. I still cannot believe I am a Voice of the Year award recipient from BlogHer. Seriously I am still in awe and am frequently heard telling David, HOLY CRAP I’m going to New York and getting an award. The same award Wil FREAKING Wheaton is getting. I’m can now play six degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon. I promise I will stop gushing soon. Maybe not today, but I will try to stop by tomorrow.

Anyhow, here is the post BlogHer Voices of the Year chose for an award. Yes, I will be saying I’m an award winner for the next 80 years. Sorry, but you’ve been warned. “Sometimes” was originally published on 09-AUG-2014 when I had a really bad day. It’s not pretty…it’s pretty raw. I’m feeling much better today, I’m an award winner after all. Continue reading

Spring for SIDS

Today’s throwback post is in memory of Colby. A bright and beautiful boy who was taken from his parents by SIDS. Three years ago after they lost their first born son, my friends started Colby’s Crusade to raise awareness, money for research to prevent another parent’s worse nightmare.

I ask everyone reading this post to donate today to the Spring for SIDS campaign. A campaign Colby’s parents participate in every April.  No parent should ever put their baby down for their last nap.

(Originally posted on 16-DEC-2014) Continue reading

Holy crap, I’m within six degrees from Kevin Bacon

I’m having a holy crap moment. Yesterday I received a notice from Facebook that a friend congratulated me for being honored by BlogHer as a Voice of the Year. For those who don’t blog it’s the Oscars of the Blogging World. Or not, but still freaking huge (I’ve used the word freaking more in the past 24 hours than in my life). Continue reading

I struggle with autism awareness…a guest post

A personal guest post from my dear friend, Laura. She is a warrior mom to her son, Zachary. Her son is gorgeous. Like a mini-Elvis gorgeous. You know before he got old. Laura is an incredible photographer, gorgeous inside and out. Her smile lights up a room.This is her feelings on autism awareness and why she struggles to define what it means to her.

April is Autism Awareness Month

A day where many Facebook posts are made showing supporters wearing blue shirts, lots of puzzle piece memes floating around, and posts declaring support for family and loved ones affected with autism.

I struggle with this day for so many reasons.  Mostly I’m grateful for the support and recognition for my son and his friends who live with autism.  But I also try so hard to be a little vulnerable and allow people to see into our world of struggle, meltdowns, heartache, therapy, triumph and successes.  But this is where the ‘awareness’ part of ‘autism awareness day’ comes in.   I have to be strong and let people see that we do struggle daily with our own ‘norms’ and having the outside world understand what our ‘normal’ looks like. Continue reading