When I first came home with Bridget I had no idea where to start. Google became my God and I became a regular devotee. I have come a long way since the Google days. Below are some websites that may guide you in your journey.

Does your child have autism and a tendency to elope? Visit The Big Red Safety Box and get your safety toolkit.

If your child elopes, contact Safety Net by LoJack. Bridget has been wearing her bracelet for almost a year. It brings peace of mind wherever we go, knowing that should she go missing the police have the ability to track her location. Also look into Avonte’s Law to see if your local police department offers location services free of charge.

For information from parents for parents of PACS1 please visit their Facebook page.

Are you in the UK and in need of resources? Please visit The Counseling Directory. Help is out there, let them help you find it.

Have a  link you think will have others? Please let me know and I will post it here.

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