Monthly Archives: January 2020

I blinked, again

In the summer of 2016 I wrote about how I blinked and Abby went from sitting backwards in a car seat to sitting next to me in the passenger seat. I wondered how the heck did that happen? When did my baby become a tween in control of my car radio? I miss having control over the radio, truth be told.

This fall Abby went from the passenger seat to the drivers. I blinked and my baby went from needing me to chauffeur to in just a few short months she will be asking me for the car keys.

I’m good with that, I have always been okay with Abby is X age this is supposed to happen. It drives my mom nuts that I don’t place a lot of significance on the “first day” of whatever milestone Abby is achieving. I usually reply, I’d be worried if she didn’t!

What I am having struggles with is having a teenager with a permit and answering her questions. The endless questions. Continue reading