Monthly Archives: July 2016

Express yourself

I used to be a wallflower.

No seriously, ask Tia.

I didn’t speak to my mother-in-law for 6 years, unless she looked directly at me. I didn’t know what to call her. I wasn’t sure how to get her attention. It took having Abby for me to say “Barbara” and even then I stuttered over it!

In high school, I would go a whole day without talking to anyone other than my closest friends. In Junior High, Mr. Leavitt got so angry at my mumbling that he screamed at me in my face. I fell under the desk. It was the 80’s teachers were allowed to scream at students and not get fired.

I was timid. I was shy. I had no self-confidence and rarely started a conversation.  Continue reading

If we were having a glass of wine

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that I am writing this from one of my happy places. On my front porch, in my LL Bean rocker, a glass of wine by my side and the smell of my garden under my nose.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would also tell you that my neighbor is grilling and I wish he did take out. Continue reading