My Challenge Series

In the Spring of 2013 I spearheaded Special Needs Awareness Month at Abby’s school. The goal: To show all students that we all have challenges. Some a lot bigger than others, but we all have them. The program’s reception by the administration, staff, teachers and families was overwhelming. My friend Kristi from Finding Ninee encouraged me to make it a series on this blog.

The My Challenge Series was born thanks to bloggers and non-bloggers being willing to share their struggles. To show all of us that the little and big is a part of who we are. But it never defines us. We are more than Autistic, Down Syndrome, Food Allergies, Over-scheduled and Unorganized. We are more than moms, dads, students and grandparents. Our title doesn’t define us but it might help explain us.

If you would like to participate in the My Challenge series, please contact me at

Do not let “not being a writer” stop you sometimes those are the best challenges.

Check out our Challenges below:

Meet Dana

My Challenge:  Dana

My Challenge: Robin

My Challenge: Robin

My Challenge: Chris

My Challenge: Chris

My Challenge: Christine

My Challenge: Christine

Meet Jenn

My Challenge: Jenn


My Challenge: Mardra


My Challenge: Allie


My Challenge: Stacey


My Challenge: Sylvia


My Challenge: Echo


My Challenge: Julie


My Challenge: Kayla

My Challenge: K


My Challenge: Kerri


My Challenge: Missy


Actions Matter


My Challenge; Eric


My Challenge: Kara


My Challenge: Laura


My Challenge: Lisa


My Challenge: Lizzi


My Challenge: Bron


My Challenge: Julia



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