If only you could unhear

“What’s wrong with her”

“Why is she hitting her head”

“It’s not like she understands”

“I could never do what you do”

“Isn’t she too old to be carried”

“It takes a special mom to have a special child”

“She will grow out of it”

Benign phrases, really. On the face value, they are not hurtful. They do not cause pain. They could even be said out of kindness.

Here’s a hint: Don’t ever say them to a mom of a child who has special needs.

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Thank you….

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you THANK YOU. Thank you for calling me and giving me an hour where I laughed as we compared how our girls drive us crazy. I would tell you that somehow, someway, we would meet in person someday. Even if it means I drive across the country.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that the whole balance my life thing isn’t quite working out. Continue reading

Bridget dating?

Have you watched Born This Way yet? I swear it is the best show on television. If you watch one show this year, this is a must see. Born This Way is about a group of 20-something adults who have Down Syndrome. It doesn’t exploit them or their families, to my mind. It just shows how a typical family lives an unexpected life.

This show demonstrates to me, in a small way, some things I never thought of when it comes to Bridget. Continue reading

What they really need to learn

Bridget has a fantastic program at her school. While it is not as inclusive as I would like, I will not deny how far she has come this year. Her language? It has exploded to where the need to translate for her.  She can now jump. She can now escape the house. She can also steal a half-moon cookie and eat it for breakfast.

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Express yourself

I used to be a wallflower.

No seriously, ask Tia.

I didn’t speak to my mother-in-law for 6 years, unless she looked directly at me. I didn’t know what to call her. I wasn’t sure how to get her attention. It took having Abby for me to say “Barbara” and even then I stuttered over it!

In high school, I would go a whole day without talking to anyone other than my closest friends. In Junior High, Mr. Leavitt got so angry at my mumbling that he screamed at me in my face. I fell under the desk. It was the 80’s teachers were allowed to scream at students and not get fired.

I was timid. I was shy. I had no self-confidence and rarely started a conversation.  Continue reading

If we were having a glass of wine

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that I am writing this from one of my happy places. On my front porch, in my LL Bean rocker, a glass of wine by my side and the smell of my garden under my nose.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would also tell you that my neighbor is grilling and I wish he did take out. Continue reading

Blind date

I went on a blind date this weekend. I’ve developed a relationship with someone I met online. They live a few states away. We’ve decided to finally meet midway between our states. I am nervously counting down the hours until we see one another face to face.

We are meeting in a motel parking lot and not telling anyone but our closest confidants.

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And then she read

Today I am beyond honored to be featured on Breaking the Parenting Mold a blog created by my good friends Kristi from Finding Ninee and Jen from Homeschooling My Way.  They have chosen my post the progression in Bridget’s language and how being a little inventive led to ….

Oh wait, you have to visit here to read more!

How to help your child communicate using sight words.

Oh and did I mention there is a video?