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The Bucket List

When we traveled to Georgia to try to find the answer to Bridgetitis I remember hitting Connecticut when it hit me that we might not want to know. With another 15 hours in the car, instead of being filled with anticipation I was starting to doubt if this was the right course of action.

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Thank you to 2014

The year of 2014 was quite frankly amazing. Not in solve world peace amazing. Amazing for being a year where chances were taken, dreams came true, fears were realized, firsts happened, some times I broke but more importantly miracles happened.

In January, I started out with a bunch of goals and Bridget went to her first ever movie. Frozen has become an obsession that we are more than okay with. I also struggled with Bridget’s diagnosis of Autism. I kind of broke. Like hard. I learned something important that month. That friendships are there when you need them most.

February made me thankful that I could give a shout out to my blogging friends. Something I never imagined back in 2012. These friendships have become just as important as my ‘real life’ ones. While I might have felt SMALL I made the conscious effort to end the private mommy-war we all face.

In March I wrote Dear Abby letter, no not the advice columnist! Thanking her for changing my life (in a good way). I also promised the next time I see a parent in a restaurant looking overwhelmed I would buy them a glass of wine instead of looking at them in judgement. I also realized I am not a hero or a martyr, that sometimes I am just done. As in D-O-N-E being a mom with special needs.

April I was beyond thankful for Bridget’s teachers and their encouragement to let her spend one more year (decade?) in pre-K. I put a call out for a real-life Dr. House (and was given a lifeline). To have a stranger reach out, to have Bridget’s team support her, there really isn’t much more to ask.

May I remembered when I was that mom in the elevator. I was so thankful for Bridget’s speech team that brought a happy tear to my eye. I was overwhelmed by the response of the My Challenge Series and the friends that have participated. I hope to have it back up in the New Year so stayed tuned and send me your challenge!

June brought us relief. I had finally conquered my field trip fear and it was worth it to see Bridget engaging with her friends. We traveled to Georgia on the hope that we would find an answer to Bridgetitis.

July I am thankful to see was a lot of fun. Really. I wrote a letter to myself, which was very therapeutic. Eli from Coach Daddy had an idea on how to make yourself feel better. Write a letter to yourself and do not open it for five years. I think I am going to print this letter out and remind myself of where I was in 2014.

August was the month of travel. I am beyond thankful for the friends who include us on their trips. Giving me the most relaxing vacations ever. I struggled with the prompt the most amazing thing my body has done…but am glad I decided to participate.

September found me getting dirty and finding myself in the Mud. I’m already signed up for next year, that is how empowering that race was for me. I’m thankful I could get out of my comfort zone (and safety nets) to find out how strong I can be.

October I took a leap of faith (in myself) and transitioned to this new blog home. What do you think of our new digs? Thankfully I brought my neighbors with me. October also brought me to my knees in joy when I captured Bridget count for the first time to five and beyond (and get most of the numbers in the right place).

November taught me that when a good book ruined my day, my friends would stand with me in keeping the pledge to obliterate the “R” word. November is probably my favorite month, as I am lucky to be thankful for the amount of birthdays that occur. Even if it breaks my bank account.

Learning that there was a name for what Bridget has didn’t hurt either.

December is a month of giving thanks. It is the season of giving, of gratitude and showing you care. I wish I could carry this feeling throughout my day (let alone my blog post).  Going to my class reunion, while terrifying, was so uplifting. Reconnecting with old friends, having that connection remade. There is so much to be thankful for this year.

A diagnosis, friendships, love, my girls. The list goes on. I hope as we start the New Year you take a moment to remember how wonderful 2014 really was.




Dear TV Programmers

Dear TV Programmers,

I know your job is very difficult. You have to decide what shows to air at what time. You have more competition than in the 1970’s. Your job, I’m sure, is very stressful. However I have one question:

Are you deliberately trying to make my life more difficult?

First some one who must not have children decided to air Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town on the same night. At the same time. On different channels.

Then some genius decided to start airing all the specials are starting at 8 pm. Eight freaking post meridian (yes, I looked up what PM means). When on a quick survey of my Facebook friends means that 90% of the children the programming is geared towards were in bed.

My child has not been able to watch one Christmas special this year. And I blame you.

Do you understand how much a child enjoys Christmas and all it entails? Do you comprehend the tears in my house when she had missed Polar Express, Santa Claus, Rudolph and Frosty?

Frosty the Snowman that you had on at 9 pm. NINE FREAKING POST MERIDIAN.

Before you reply: Well, Mrs. Ames just use your DVR. I have this to say: We do not own a DVR and there is no passing blame here. This is your fault, TV Programmer, that I sent my child to bed upset that she couldn’t watch the Grinch.

I understand. Well no, I don’t as I am not a TV Programmer. But I imagine that there are a lot of factors that go in to your decision to air a Christmas special aimed at 5-10 year-olds at 8 pm. But this mother is begging you to please, TV Programmers, consider the mom child.

The child needs to go to bed on time. The mom needs the child to go to bed on time. Bring back the after school specials for the month of December. Run them during Winter break when they are home all day with NOTHING to do and are bored. Do anything but what you did to us this December.

The mom who won’t let her kid stay up past 8 pm

PS–oh and if you ever and I mean ever put on Rudolph and Santa at the same time on different channels I will form a parent group that was bigger than Tipper Gore’s Parent Music group. We will set Clark Griswold’s cousin Eddie on you. Trust me on this one.


I get asked about the girls relationship a lot. Like A LOT. Asking about how I fostered this relationship between them.  The truth of the matter is, I haven’t done a thing. Abby and Bridget’s relationship happened organically. David and I very little to do with it.


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The worst day

We have all had the “worst day” of our lives. Bridget, in all honesty, has given me most of mine. The time in the NICU, having to physically hold her down for testing and the list goes on. For every “worst day” she has given me countless best days.

That is not always the case.

Today two friends of mine is going through another worst day of their life. Three years ago these happy parents lost their first born, handsome, cute, full of laughter, son to SIDS. Although he was just five months old, Colby gave his parents a lifetime of happy memories.
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We partied like it was 1989

Okay, not really.

But I did learn you can go home again and enjoy the experience. Last weekend was my 25th High School Reunion. The only reunion I have ever attended. I was so nervous yet excited at the same time.

Mostly because it meant I got to have Margarita’s with my best friend and not have a child on my lap.

Here are the top three things I learned at the reunion:

  1. Women age much better than the men (seriously, where did all their hair go?)
  2. It is almost impossible to dance to music from the 80’s and not crack up at yourself
  3. The friends you haven’t seen in 25+ years are still the only people you want to talk to in a crowded room.

I thought of the agony 5th grade friendship politics has inflicted on Abby. How she agonizes over friends asking her to choose between them, how to fit in and how to navigate life with those that are different from you.

I was surprised at the reunion that Lisa & I were one of the few who remained BFFs. That while most were Facebook friends (acquaintances?) or cordial if they saw one another around town, for the most part the school connection was lost. The friendships we agonized over were no longer there. It was bittersweet to see former friends who were oh so important had been lost and found.

I am beyond lucky that Lisa has stood by these 25 years and the moments that matter have never been lost.


Oh and the pre-reunion Margarita was quite delicious!