You are not alone

Having a child is a lot of work. They do not come with a list of instructions and if they are what you expected then you are my hero. When you have a child with special needs, you go through a range of emotions. While I certainly don’t promise to know everything, I do know this:

You need a village.

You need other warrior moms and dads that have been there and probably have a stained t-shirt to prove it. You also need “typical” parents and friends. Yes, it sometimes sucks that they don’t understand, but how can they until they interact with your family. Your family? They will try to understand what you are living through. They won’t get all of it but if you share with them they might understand more than you realize.

It is important to remember no matter how much you grieve, you love, you get pissed off at this unasked for life and you laugh that you are not alone.


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