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2 thoughts on “Contact me, it’s fun

  1. Ruth Meucci

    I do not even know how Bridget got on my face book, but I am so glad she did, she makes me smile. Today is the first time I read her story. She is so lucky to have you for a Mom, and all the people in her life are so fortunate to have her in theirs.
    I am not comparing my grandson Cole to Bridget, however, your attitude towards people saying she will never do that is so familiar. Cole is Autistic and even though I had focused on Autism for many years, I did not figure that out during his time in my pre school. He was not officially diagnosed until he was 4. He had a Mom who would not hear the doctors opinion of what his future would be like. The doctor said he will never go to “Normal” school. His Mom gave him 24/7 and advocated for him in every way possible. Well, he did go to “Normal School” after 2 years of Kinder Garden. Five years ago he graduated with honors from High School and was the star of the Cross Country team. He was always treated really well by his baseball team and his Hockey teams. ( he was not a star player) When he began running Cross Country and winning, he was amazed by all the attention he got from his High School peers. “”Nana, everyone says hello to me in the halls. Sad, but being treated as a peer was so good for his ego. In my opinion, everyone should be Cole, he is happy, friendly, polite and the sweetest kid ever. He has a girl friend who has her own issues, but they are happy together. He graduated from college as a member of the National Honor Society and is so proud of that. He works at Market Basket stocking the dairy products. He is diligent about being on time and doing a good job . He is a very attentive grandson and I am so proud of him. He also makes me smile! God Bless!


    1. firebailey Post author

      I needed to hear your story, Ruth. Thank you for sharing Cole’s experience. It makes the days easier! And kudos to his mom. She sounds like. me, don’t you dare say my child won’t do something! Congrats on all his accomplishments



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