Monthly Archives: February 2020

We might not be there

When you have a child you never worry about them outliving you. Heck you hope they do. I have big plans for Abby. Not huge ones. I don’t expect her to mediate world peace, I am not hoping she has a Walton family, I just want her to be a productive member of society and happy. Being happy is important.

As with so many milestones, Bridget is different. Continue reading

Happy PACS1 Day

February 7th is PACS1 Day. It’s true, the Governor declared it in Massachusetts. Also the PACS1 parents have declared it world wide. We are a small group of dedicated parents. I am not always sure if I ever give enough credit to the parents of our group. A group that has grown from 13 (when I joined) to over 130 families in the world. And some of the PACS1 parents are not (gasp) on Facebook. Continue reading

Chicago (not the musical)

Years ago I wrote a post titled, Shhhh they can hear you. It was about how if a child is non-verbal, it does not mean they cannot hear (and understand) what you are saying.  It is important to remember that our children are always listening. That they might not understand what we always mean and how they interpret what we say can some times be hurtful.

And sometimes it can lead to a comedy of misinformation. Continue reading

When she may not do it

Abby is learning to drive. Which is great and huge. Except Bridget thinks she can drive, too. Recently Abby drove to work and afterwards this happened:

Bridget was moving her booster seat to the drivers seat.

Me: Bridget what are you doing?
Bridget: I can drive, just like Abby
Me: Bridget you cannot drive
Bridget: Yes, I can drive
Me: Um, no
Bridget: Mom I got this, I can drive. I know how
Me: Bridget you are not old or tall enough
Bridget: That’s your issue Continue reading