Monthly Archives: May 2016

Even Suri wonders

Do you ever play with Siri? It’s one of Abby’s favorite past times. We have done the Zero divided by Zero question. We have asked her to sing Happy Birthday (She told us she doesn’t sing).  Abby has even asked her to call me Mommy who doesn’t craft. Let me tell you, the first time I voiced texted and she replied, “I’ll send it Mommy who doesn’t craft” I almost drove off the road.

We have asked Siri a lot of questions.  We have asked what to do when you are bored. We have asked if she was our friend.

I was leaving for work the other day and Bridget asked, “you working, mom”? (HELLO SPEECH!). “Yes”, I replied. “Why you working so much?”, was her response. Abby decided that was a question for Siri.


Well, ask an obvious question…get an obvious answer.


I will always be thankful for Facebook

I have a mixed relationship with Facebook.

I hate the endless “a like means you hate cancer” (like who loves cancer?). I get frustrated at being reminded that there are such things as stupid questions (seriously people, use the search feature). I get alarmed by the bully-pulpit that develops in local politics (get involved but learn the facts before you post on a subject you have no knowledge about). And for the love of all things Holy, please do not put your personal crap on Facebook in a vague way and then ask people to respect your privacy.

Yet for all the reasons I might want to leave Facebook, I have one reason to be incredibly thankful. Continue reading

Look out Mia Hamm

I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined that I would sign Bridget up for a team sport. We tried a Special Olympic basketball clinic. It was horrible. Bridget would not participate. She would kick the ball rather than try to make a hoop. She ran away and was, to be frank, that pain in the neck kid who was ruining it for everyone else.

Being the Special Olympics they would never say that statement out loud. But I was sure thinking it! Yes, I am Bridget’s biggest cheerleader. I am also her strongest critic when I think she should be able to do something and she refuses to conform. Continue reading

It all comes down to language

When you have a child who is considered non-verbal, even with all her gains, is a difficult life. You, the parent, do not understand why she is hitting her head. She, the child, doesn’t understand why she cannot have an 8th Pop Tart (thanks, Grandma for that addiction).  You try to understand the extremes, yet you find yourself being frustrated about the little things.

Your child cannot tell you about their day. You are thankful when her teacher sends you a picture in the hope you can elicit conversation. And then it backfires. Continue reading

If we were having a glass of wine

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you THANK YOU. Thank you for calling me and giving me an hour where I laughed as we compared how our girls drive us crazy. I would tell you that somehow, someway, we would meet in person someday. Even if it means I drive across the country.

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you that the whole balance my life thing isn’t quite working out. Continue reading

Forget the ABC’s

Bridget has been trying to learn her letters for about 3 years. We have struggled with her learning the letters in her name. We jumped with joy when she started saying: B, Bridget. We thought YES!! She is learning her letters.

We were wrong. She only knew the “B” and no matter how we tried we were not successful in her learning her letters. Continue reading