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My Challenge: Anna


As the mom of two girls, both who seem to have inherited my grazing habits instilling healthy eating is difficult. It does not help that we are naturally petite and until 40 could eat Hershey Bars for breakfast without remorse. Because both David and I are very active we are raising active kids.

But it is not always easy. Especially on long homework nights and the general craziness that happens with two children having multiple activities. To help with that Challenge I am so proud that Anna from FitFunner is here today on the My Challenge series. Continue reading

Name change

At the beginning of the summer we took Bridget to see a Specialist 20 hours away from our home in the hopes to find an answer to Bridgetitis. We had gone on a search for our own Dr. House. We allowed them to perform Exome sequencing, where Bridget’s DNA would be (in layman’s terms since I really am not a scientist) broken down and reviewed by computer strand by strand allows the scientist to discover where the gene may have gone awry.

We got the results. Finally. Continue reading

My Challenge: Coach Eli


I am so excited that Coach Eli is willing to share his Challenge today. I admire Eli so much. First because he coaches girl soccer. I would rather have a root canal. He is the dad to three incredible daughters. He is the dad you want your kid to have. One that balances being a dad with being a coach with being the soft place for his girls to land.  Okay enough gushing.

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The best advice ever

I was stuck for this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday prompt: the best advice my father ever gave me. As this is Abby’s birthday week I figured I would ask her.

Me: Abby, what is the best advice Daddy ever gave you?
Abby: don’t drop Cottontail on her head

And that folks is how Abby answered the prompt! FYI she got a bunny for her birthday

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The Perfect Gift

Everyone is looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. The best gift (other than your time) is providing for others. My brother and I started a tradition of donating to charity instead of giving gifts to one another.

If you are looking for a gift idea may I suggest:

The Season is the Season of giving. Please (if you are able) consider giving to this beautiful charity Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project.