Monthly Archives: April 2019

I wish….

I wish I could always protect Bridget from the mean people in this world.

I live in a bubble, to be honest.  I have a tremendous village.  Bridget has incredible people in her life that accept her for the person she is, with love. The acceptance she receives has allowed her to attend summer camps, be an active member of  the general education classroom, ride the big yellow bus like a normal kid.  I truly believe that our village has allowed Bridget to be an important part of our town, of our society and allow her a sense of being a normal kid.

Not a different one. Continue reading

It’s a family thing

When your child is diagnosed with autism you think okay, I know what autism is–I’ve seen Rain Man and Big Bang Theory. I know “someone” whose child has autism. You start therapies and treatments, but living with autism cannot be explained by the doctors or therapists.  Autism is more complex than I imagined. Bridget wasn’t the only one diagnosed with autism. It seems like the entire family has been diagnosed. Continue reading