Monthly Archives: May 2020

Let’s raise a glass

If we were sharing a glass of wine, I would lift a glass in toast to you:

The Educational Support Person who may or may not have a background in special education but is learning not only how to teach online, but teaching a child whose biggest accomplishment in your session is that they did not turn off the computer on you.  This teaching is brand new to both you and the child, yet you persevere. Continue reading

I have Play-doh in my house, on purpose (Guess how I am feeling)

There is Play-doh in my house.

For those that know me, you know that this is a very big deal in my home. I banned Play-do to be used only in the unfinished basement back in 2006 when my then 3-year old not only imbedded it into my kitchen table but my semi-new kitchen floors. Continue reading