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Mirror, Mirror on my wall

I am not a fan of the mirror.

When I look into at the image the mirror, I see Rosannadanna hair and a face only Cher would love in the movie Mask. I see the long front teeth that got me nicknamed “bucky” by a vengeful cousin in JR High. I used to hate going into the bathroom that said “Bucky was here” where a chunk of the counter was chipped. Continue reading

The Cliff Notes to your newborn life

I cannot believe it took me so long to realize that a new mom needs a good friend to tell her the truth about motherhood.

Dear my precious friend that just had a baby,

Welcome to the club. Today your world changed. Not in any way you could prepare. You thought reading baby books, knowing friends/relatives who have children added to your knowledge base. You thought that having a baby would be a blessing and never realized that it would be the most challenging adventure of your existence. The past nine months have built your anticipation.

It has only taken one day with your baby to realize you do not know what the freak you are doing and made you hesitate to ask questions. You are afraid of looking foolish, or worse, appearing as you are an over-reactive new mom. I am here to give you a few simple truths: Continue reading

Each Fall, I

Each fall, I wonder how much older I will get before I learn the fine art of coordination. I have fallen up the stairs (more than once, sadly), down the stairs, off a curb, over my own two feet and most recently over the dog.

Seriously, the dog. It was not a trip but a full-fledged Alley-Oop. Thinking I had cat-like eyesight I went into the kitchen (for what I cannot recall) and did not turn on the lights. I never realized before how much Bailey blends in with the floorboards. His coat is just about a perfect match to the stain.


There I was walking into the kitchen and BAM. Up I went into the air, falling straight to onto my knees and thanking the universe that my head narrowly missed the corner of the counter. Each fall, I always wonder if I am going to end up in the ER. I have gone for stitches in my chin, sprained ankles and twisted arms.  Thankfully there were no witnesses, and unlike prior falls no trips to the ER.

Until I heard a small voice in the dark whisper:

Mom, did you fall again?

That is how I Finished the Sentence: Each Fall, I….

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I wish I knew….

I remember the first time we realized something was “wrong” with Bridget. At just a day old we thought it was just a health complication. One that would resolve. Less than a year later after more doctor appointments than I can recall we were given the news:

Your child has Special Needs. Continue reading

It was perfect…

I was reading this post by my friend, Sandy, the other day entitled Will Hate Win? It got me thinking about how each generation faces something that makes a parent cringe with fear. When I watch the news I wonder how is this the world I am raising my child in? How do I teach her to live a life without fear, when I have to teach her not to let her friend take a photo and put it on Instagram? Continue reading

Friends, Bonfires and Margaritas…

Remember when we used to count down the last month of school? I swear at one point in my life I looked forward to the end of school more than I did Christmas morning. Except there was no advent calendar filled with chocolate. Summer has taken on a different meaning.

Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with the hardships of trying to entertain children, find childcare coverage and honest fear of the phrase, “I’m bored”. Continue reading

GASP! I was 14 and scared

It was 1985; I was a freshman in high school. GASP a freshman. My best friend and I were going to be separated for the first time. I was scared out of my wits. She was my friend, what if she found another one? After all I stole her from Michelle. I had evidence that she could be swayed.  I was the one she spent the summer with not Michelle. And they were neighbors! She had to travel to be my friend. I was fourteen and my biggest fear wasn’t high school it was losing my best friend. Continue reading

It’s the cost

I hate tax season. When I start compiling all the documents, look at our W2 forms and realize where all our money has gone. A good amount to charity, not a great amount, but a nice amount. Money we worked hard for and in David’s case a lot of overtime. Money we are saving for retirement seems to dwindle each year. Vacations become more camping trips and economical. Holidays and birthdays become less extravagant and more meaningful.

CNN reports that the “average cost” of raising ONE child from birth to age 18 is a staggering $245,000. That is a quarter of a million dollars. This is the “average”, according to the report those in the Northeast can expect to spend an estimated $455,000. A half-million dollars and costs are rising. And that doesn’t include what your family may pay for auto insurance, driver’s ed, tutors or college costs (or the cost of your 25 year-old that continues to live with you).

Let that sink in for a moment. Continue reading

Sleep…please sleep

It’s 8 o’clock at night. Bridget has been in her bed for an hour. A blessed hour. This is one kid who enjoys her sleep. Usually at 6:30 pm she starts asking for her pajamas and bed. I put her off until 7 pm knowing she will be up at the butt crack of dawn or 7 am as the locals call it. That rain, shine or Apocalypse this child has an internal clock more accurate than my alarm clock. Continue reading

The best advice ever

I was stuck for this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday prompt: the best advice my father ever gave me. As this is Abby’s birthday week I figured I would ask her.

Me: Abby, what is the best advice Daddy ever gave you?
Abby: don’t drop Cottontail on her head

And that folks is how Abby answered the prompt! FYI she got a bunny for her birthday

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