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The Sibling

I once had “the talk” with Abby. No, not THE TALK. The online world talk. She (like her dad) thinks the internet is the devil and has no wish to be on the social media world some of us call life.

Now I am breaking the rules we set, because it is important. Also she is not online so she will never know,right? Continue reading

When did I blink?

“Mom, when can I sit in the front seat?” said my child who is still small enough to use a booster seat but old enough that she wants to be the tween.

I remember the first time I had to place her in a car seat. How it took us three hours to figure out how even install the thing. I remember when we would keep her strapped into the car carrier while we grocery shopped.  How I didn’t know how to put the car carrier on the grocery cart, so I put it inside and piled up the groceries around it. (Least expensive shopping trip ever).  Continue reading

Teacher 1 Parent 0

I honestly believe that homework is teacher’s revenge for having to deal with children all day.  I thought the math homework was bad. Then a few years ago we had our first “project”.  Abby had to make a simple machine.  Or should I say, David had to make a simple machine that turned into an inclined plane. There were tears, there were arguments and at one point there might have been some vulgar language.

I do not believe that is the intent of the homework project.  It is definitely the result.  Continue reading

If we were having a glass of wine…

It appears I took most of January off from this blog. It was a good thing. I was overwhelmed and way over-committed. If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you why…

If we were having a glass of wine, I would tell you when I took office on the School Committee last year I never imagined I would have no life the entire month of January.  I knew budget season was intense, as a spectator. I had no freaking idea what it meant when you were on the team. It meant 3-4 nights away from my family. When I was home I was poring over budget documents, trying to find ways to save money in a $30 million budget without cutting programs that make our system great.

I would also tell you that if you want to lose those 5 holiday pounds you put on during December, join the school committee. Since you are never home for dinner or snacks you will lose those pounds by mid-month and a few more before February. Continue reading

Keeping some things private

Early readers of this blog will remember when I used pseudonyms for the girls. Bridget was known as Boo (my pet name for her) and Abby was Allie (after her then favorite TV character). I was so unsure about this blog world, I wanted to do what I could to protect my children. Then I went “public” to my friends and family with this blog’s existence. People around town (and in her school) began calling Abby by her pseudonym when we were out and about. She was a little confused, and so were they when she gave them an odd look and corrected them. Continue reading

When pets multiply

It started simply enough. Since we met, we have always had a dog. First it was “my” dog, Max. Max was a terror. She didn’t like anyone but me. Until she was won over by David and then it was the three of us. We were happy. Then Max died and we broke a little.

Our family was incomplete. Less than a month later we had Baxter. Baxter was awesome. The dog that didn’t need training. Baxter was an only child until Abby came along. He went everywhere with us. If we were in the car, so was Baxter. He was our companion, our first born and one who would live in our hearts to this day.

10941866_10205472855412346_332925069063532292_n Continue reading

On learning to see the person first

It took having a second child for me to understand that disability did not mean inability. I am guilty, like many others, of seeing the chair before the person in it. I would look at those with a disability and not see the person first.

After my second daughter was born my definition of disability was reborn. This wasn’t a child to be pitied or thought to be unable.  This child could accomplish anything she set her mind to, whether it was walking or climbing up the wrong side of the stairs. She would defy doctors and our own expectations too often for us to begin putting limits on her ability. I wanted everyone to see Bridget, not the things that set her apart from her peers.

ef13a-118 Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, I have to admit, second only to Margarita day  is my favorite made-up adult holiday ever. I look forward to it every year. Honestly, after suffering through back to school shopping, finding a Halloween costume, play dates, kids birthday parties, surviving the freaking Elf and having to make Valentines that St. Patrick’s day is kind of my reward. Continue reading

Why I’m glad my daughter is too young for 50 Shades

When I first saw the title 50 Shades of Grey I thought it was book about being 50. Then I heard about “the book” and assumed it was about sex life after 50. I will admit I have not seen the movie. I had previously decided not to read the book when it was first published. (To be honest, I just couldn’t when I learned it made someone in their 60’s the hottest they had ever felt.) I understand fantasy, I know it takes a lot to keep the spark going. I like a smutty romance as much as I enjoy a book about snipers. Seriously, my reading taste is eclectic and varied. I’m generally not a prude when it comes to literature. Continue reading