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Boo Rocks Speech!

Boo started talking almost six-months ago. It was a hard-fought war, she started speech therapy way before she was two years old. Boo started with sign, PECS was beyond ineffective and the IPAD never worked for speech (but ask her to find Austin & Allie on it and look how fast she can navigate).

Boo started with a few words (Allie was her first). And, sadly, I didn’t notice her progress. I mean I know she is doing great and she is saying a lot more words without always needing a translater. But it wasn’t until last week when we went to neurology and Boo said a FOUR WORD PHRASE. Yes, it was “I want cookie please”. But it was four words, strung together, in a freaking phrase with intention! (Proud momma moment)

Of course her phrases are memorized (I want, help me, give me) but she is beginning to add more words rather than signs/gestures. This beautiful girl of mine who a year ago only had a handful of words has almost 100 now.

This is of course, thanks to her awesome school program and therapists. I am just so grateful for them never giving up on our girl.

Because Boo said a 4-word phrase and she rocks!

Getting out there

Much to Allie’s dismay, Hubs and I love to hike. Pre-kids we would go on three-day weekend adventures, camp in a tent and just enjoy being outdoors. When we were pregnant with Allie we got the best advice:

Children are born into your established world. They will adapt to whatever lifestyle you have already created

I was worried that the life we had would have to stop. That having a baby meant the end to us as a couple because we were “parents”. And yes we adapted, we no longer tent camp instead we now have a pop-up camper. We camp as rustic as possible, with a bed. And we still hiked, not as intense or as long or as often, but we tried at least a couple of times a year to get out there. We don’t do the Knife’s Edge anymore for example, but easy 5-8 mile ones Allie can handle.

Then Boo happened. And yes, she was born into our established world and then re-wrote the rules!! With Boo, well she can’t hike. So I had a great carrier that saw many miles in Maine, in Virginia (love, Shenandoah!) and most of New England state forests.

Our trouble was this year. Boo, while she is totally rocking the jump, does not have have the stamina or the ability to hike. Not yet anyway. Unfortunately she is now too big for the infant carrier that worked three years past when most kids outgrow them. I did some research and found this baby carrier from Kelty, inc. The Pathfinder 3.0 can hold a child from infant to 40 lbs.

Pathfinder 3.0
Kelty Pathfinder 3.0

It was a tad a lot more than I ever imagined to pay for a backpack. But it arrived on Friday and we did a test run in the trails by our home. It rocked! It has an adjustable torso-adjustment (hey, I’m short!) that made this the best backpack for me. It actually fit along my hips rather than me having to hoist her majesty up onto my back. The only reason my hips hurt is Boo would shift around looking at different things, which kind of shifts the load.  We did not use the sunshade and only hiked for an hour or so. I don’t imagine I could do the hike if we utilize the all the pockets (that will be when Hubs is carrying her!) because it would be just a little to heavy for me. On the plus side, it was super easy to get Boo in and out. She seemed beyond comfortable and secure. When I tripped she stayed put (always a good thing).  Both my husband and I shared the load and it was so easy to change the torso/waist adjustments on the fly.

I will say, hiking with a 30lb child is not as easy as hiking without her on our back. But to not have to give up our love of the mountains and waterfalls…worth a little hip pain.

By the way, I am not getting paid for Kelty for this post. I actually wrote about it because Hubs and I were talking about how there are not a lot of “outdoor” sites for parents who have children with disabilities. Figuring I am not the only parent out there who likes to be active but my Boo is growing, I should let you know about a way you can still do what you love (if you love hiking)!

And if you know of a site for those of us who like to hike and camp with our special kids, please let me know!



Today’s 5-minute Friday is….FRIEND

Ready, set, go….

Friend. I have many friends. A couple of steadfast ones, a couple of drinking ones and a couple of good-time ones. I was with some drinking ones this afternoon as a matter of fact! (Quite unintentionally but still quite fun).

But I would be lost without my steadfast ones. The ones that are always there. The ones that I would lost without. You know the ones I mean. The ones that text, call, e-mail unexpectedly. The ones that if I call in two minutes they will all be there. Those are the friends that I try to be there for, but rarely are. They are there more for me than for them.

 A true friend tells you when you are doing well, when you are doing wrong, when you need a shoulder and when you have food in your teeth. A friend is a friend through the hard times and the good.

I know they don’t expect more than what I can give. And that is what a friend is. One that accepts you for who you are and more importantly makes sure you don’t have food in your teeth.


How about you, do you have 5 minutes to talk about a friend? Then join us and Lisa-Jo at 

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I am passionate about…

It’s (almost) Friday and time for Finish that Sentence! This week’s starter is…

I am passionate about, well a lot of things. But I will let you into a little secret, unknown by many…I am passionate about ending the mystery behind what the heck was Disney thinking? Specifically why do all the moms die and the Pluto and Goofy conspiracy.

I am flat out of luck with the mom’s dying thing. I believe Freud probably has the answer to that one. Well, he is dead. So maybe not. But if he was alive I bet he would say Walt had mommy issues. Serious mommy issues.

But to more important mysteries! 

Any person who has seen Stand By Me is aware of the conundrum. If you have not seen Stand by Me, let me explain:

“Alright, Mickey is a mouse, Donald a duck, Pluto a dog. What the hell is Goofy?”

Let’s think about it, like Vern and Gordie did in the movie: Both have tails, they both look like dogs. But Goofy wears a hat, clothes and drives a car. He also has a girlfriend. Pluto? Lives in a doghouse, is Mickey’s loyal companion and lives life like, well, a dog. But side by side they both look like dogs. Except Goofy’s tail is NEVER visible.

photo credit: google images

“So what the hell is Goofy?”

Since 1986 this question has been a passion of mine.I have searched for 20+ years in this passionate quest of mine to figure out what the hell is Goofy? In my quest to discover the answer I have done many distasteful things: I lived with both men and dogs. GASP sometimes at the same time!

And this is what I have discovered:

Man: he can have a job, can talk and breaks wind at inopportune moments. Like when the in-laws are here. Oh, he also hogs the bed.
Dog: can have a job, can bark and breaks wind at inopportune moments. Oh, he also will hog the bed (but not the covers)

After this long quest, I am no closer to the answer. I have no freaking idea what the heck Goofy is. But my passionate journey continues…

In 1986 I was in absolute love (swoon) with River Phoenix and never imagined that Vern would turn into the hottest of hot Jerry O’Connell! So another passionate mystery to be solved. Why do girls always want the bad boy (River) and not realize that is the chubby kid (Jerry) who is going to be the hottie?

photo credit: Google Images b/c you can find everything there!

Now it is your turn to play! Tell me what you are passionate about and be sure to link up with the hosts!

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Finish the Sentence Friday
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Be forewarned, this post is about poop and not for the funny-faint-of-heart. There is definitely too  much information about bowels. So continue reading at the risk of your lunch. I completely understand if you wish to come back tomorrow…. I wish I could.

Sometimes I get tired. Tired of Boo’s pain. Not to be mistaken for tired of Boo. But just that she has to suffer. I think it is so unfair. I also worry that I am the cause of the pain. For example, over the weekend she became extremely constipated. Truthfully, I knew something was, well, brewing. But I held off on medicating her. She had a GI appointment this week and I wanted them to see her in the extreme, unmedicated. What we deal with when the doctors are not there. So I “let” it get worse than it should have, could have been.

Can I tell you what a freaking  mistake that was? I mean, of epic proportions.  Sunday morning she awoke in pain. We had a get-together to go to. Finally I relented and took out the meds. But it was too late. At the party these poor woman thought my daughter had, well, pooped. I explained that nope she was still trying! Probably made myself look like mom of the year as I drank my wine while my friend B comforted Boo. 

But I was tired. I wanted to have a glass of wine and enjoy talking with my friends. I knew that while Boo was in pain,  there was nothing I could do in that moment. Other than stick my hands where the sun should never shine and get the brick out of the well…At that moment “B” was doing exactly what I was going to do, hold Boo. And I knew she liked getting her Boo fix.

Thankfully the people that know me outnumbered the people that don’t. Although I still felt like I was definitely in the running for mom of the year. We left, still no poop (and yes, I checked!). We came home and Boo found comfort from where she knew she could get it. First I tried holding her. On the floor, because for some reason she liked that more than the chair. Then I had to pee. (I did warn you TMI). So I laid her on the couch and wrestled Allie away from the lure of the Disney channel. 

Well, that worked while I peed. But then. The straining began again. The tremors, the screams, the MOMMY help me when Mommy can’t. As I was sitting (back on the floor, for some reason only Allie gets to comfort on the couch) Bailey nudged me. He nestled in between us. Boo let go of me and crawled onto him.


The screaming stopped. She finally found comfort. I got some more meds into her. Still no poop. But she had her puppy and was more than content.

Bailey stayed by her side until she went to bed. Then he ate Allie’s Barbie. But at this point, I think I will forgive the crazy puppy anything. Because although still no poop, Boo was happy. And that’s all this mom can ask.

In the morning, POOP! Of course, it happened on the way to school (sorry to her aide) so Hubs dropped Boo off with a little extra something. Yesterday we went to GI who told us they thought the constipation was due to school vacation but continue on the with what we were doing because “it works”. That they believe her issues are due to low tone and there is nothing else to be done at this point.

Since I have not one other idea how to stop the cycle of constipation, diarrhea followed by a couple of days of normalcy we continue to try to comfort Boo. But I am tired, tired of the cycle and she is only 4.  How exactly do you build-up muscle tone in the digestive tract?

But I am so, so thankful that when I need to pee Bailey is there. If only he would stop eating Allie’s Barbies.


To end of a postive note, she pooped! She also tore her butt in doing so. But at least this means she should have a couple of days of respite. I’d like to dedicate this post to Kristi in memory of Chief. But well, it’s about poop which seems like an insult. It is also a great testimony to a dog’s love, which is what made me think of Chief. So, Kristi if you are insulted this is so not dedicated 🙂


Thanks, Chris!

Not only did Rachel call me Beautiful, Chris at Hyme Tyme Cafe nominated me for a Leibster award. What is so sweet about the award from Chris is that she is a ‘foodie’. And while I certainly love food, I am no where in her talent arena. That she singled me out in her nominating is a lot overwhelming.

Liebster Blog Award Logo
It’s so pretty!

With this award there are rules. You have to:

1. Answer 11 questions from your nominator
2. Post 11 random snippets about yourself
3. Pass the award to 11 other bloggers
4. Torture those 11 bloggers with 11 questions to answer 🙂 

Away we go on the Liebster adventure!  Chris asked me the following questions:

  1. Do you have any food allergies?  If yes, to what? I am allergic to dairy. Which doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers everyone else!
  2.  Who has been the most influential person in your life, and how? I’d say my girls. Because I want to live up to their idea that somehow I am the best mom ever.
  3.  Have you ever had a supernatural experience of some sort?  If yes, explain. Sorry, no. But I think it would be kind of cool. As long as it was Casper the friendly ghost kind of experience and not poltergeist.
  4.  What first inspired you to start your blog? For therapy. Sad, but true. I started reading blogs and thought it would be a good outlet for me. Not only might I get rid of some headaches but I might meet people in the same situation. Thankfully, I did!
  5.  What is your favorite time of day, and why? 8pm, when the girls are in bed and all is quiet in the house.
  6.  What is your favorite holiday, and why? Hate to admit it, but St. Patrick’s Day. It is the one day of year that not only does my husband arrange a babysitter but we have a couple of hours to be the couple we were pre-girls.
  7.  Have you ever researched your genealogy?  If so, find anything interesting? Nope
  8.  Can you connect yourself to Kevin Bacon by 6 Degrees of Separation??  🙂 This took some researching but yes! And it may be farfetched but here I go: Kevin Bacon, who’s father was the 7th cousin of Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon the nemesis of John F Kennedy. The Kennedy Family had a summer home in Hyannisport, where my boyfriend did the electrical work for a wedding of JFK’s niece.
  9.  What is your favorite movie, and why? The Princess Bride because I love saying “My name is Indigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die”.
  10.  What is your earliest memory? Coming down on Christmas morning and seeing bikes under the tree. I think I was 4-ish.
  11.  Who is your favorite author, and why? This is too difficult to answer, because I love to read and not one particular genre!!! But if I could only choose one I would say JK Rowling because she made reading cool again.

Now 11 random facts about myself:

1. I wish I had straight hair
2. I am very opinionated, but willing to listen to other opinions and change my point of view. For example, I don’t think murders deserve a 3rd chance. But I am willing to listen if you have a good reason why.
3. I wish I could be fashionable.
4. You couldn’t pay me to go back to high school
5.  I think M&M’s should be on the food pyramid
6. Ask me to choose between TV and a book I will choose the book everytime
7. I never realized that I needed a support system until I needed one and it was there.
8. If my future self got sent back in time and could make different decisions, I wouldn’t change a thing.
9.  In a million years I never thought I would say this, but I would rather be a stay-at-home mom than a working one.
10. I never realized that blog-friends would be just as important as in-life friends.
11. I’m going to have fun thinking up 11 questions!

And my nominees for a Liebster are (drum-roll in your head please):

1. K from Transceding CP
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8. Kate from Can I get another bottle of whine 
9. Maggie from Maggie Amada
10. Ruchira from Abracabadra
11. Charity from Life’s Little Happenings

Okay, ladies you are awesome so be ready to be awarded…..

Liebster Blog Award Logo
Da Dum!

Time for your 11 questions:

  1. When was the last time you dressed up? (And no, Kristi I don’t mean into a pair of sweats that did not have a hole in them!)
  2. What piece of advice would you give our 16-year old self?
  3. If you could live in any time period where would you choose?
  4. What was your wedding song? 
  5. If you could play any sport what would it be? (you would automatically have the talent)
  6. How long did it take you to remember your wedding song?
  7. It is 1989, where are you?
  8. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
  9. What is your favorite swear word?
  10. What is your favorite snack (a question from Allie)?
  11. If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party, who would they be?

I hope you enjoy your award and have fun answering your questions. Make sure to let me know when you have time to tell us 11 things about yourself! And, please place the award in a prominent place in your home.

PS–if I haven’t chosen you for an award, it’s not my fault. The rules say I can only choose 11 people not every awesome blogger out there!

Difference in Decades

Remember when we were young and our parents told us how they used to walk uphill, both ways, in the snow to school? And we would laugh and shake our heads at how delusional they were?

I’ve become my parents. I bet you have to!

1970’s there were 4 channels on the TV and heaven help you if the President was on.
1980’s there were more channels but if you wanted to know what was on you needed to buy the TV Guide
2012 Not only is there 4 million channels, a 9YO can search the guide to discover she wants to watch On-Demand because (and I quote) there is nothing on!

1980’s we upgraded from the rotary phone that the telephone company provided. There was one phone, in the kitchen. And if you were in a vacation spot, you probably had a party-line where you could pick up your phone and listen to the cool teenager down the street tell all her friends back home about the lifeguard on Hampton Beach.

2012 Your house phone is cordless which means you can leave the kitchen. Except I cannot find my house phone. I had one. I did. But Boo reprogrammed it to French, rotary dial (who knew that still existed!) and I cannot figure out how to fix it. She also called Ireland on it. Thankfully Maeve was a beautiful grandmother who didn’t mind listening to Boo babble for 15 minutes while I was in the shower. So I put the phone someplace safe where she couldn’t get a hold of it. And now I don’t remember where that is.

1980’s MTV played music videos
2012 MTV plays ‘reality’ shows that make my hair turn grey.

1980’s the waist of our pants came up to just under your breastbone.
2012 the waist of our pants show the crack of our ass.

1980’s My hair was three stories tall
2012 My hair is still three stories tall but most girls use a flat-iron

1980 my mom straightened my hair using her ironing board, an iron and a towel.
2012 a hairstylist spent 2 hours trying to blow-dry and straighten my hair with a flat iron. (Sadly, mom’s remedy was less painful)

1970 we had rabbit ears with tin foil as antennas. To watch the Muppets some one had to be holding the ears
1980 we had to still get up off the couch to change the channel. In one direction only.
2012 Boo hid the remote and my husband almost had heart failure because he couldn’t flip between Duck Dynasty and the Sox game.

1980 you left the house after breakfast, came home for lunch and then we did not come back inside until it was dark or our friend’s parents stopped feeding us
2012 you are only allowed in the backyard and only if your parent has a monitor on you.

1970 George Carlin had the 7 dirty words you cannot say on television
1980 the words were still taboo
2012 I think I heard all but one of them on MTV

1970 Archie & Edith, Lucy & Ricky and just about every married couple slept in separate beds
1980 Newhart and his wife slept in the same bed
2012 Everyone sleeps with everyone and sometimes more than one

1980’s Ronald Regan told the Communists to take down that Wall
2012 We are trying to build a fence around the USA

1980 you nylons, tights, anything to cover up your legs
2012 you shave every day because there is no way you are wearing nylons

1970 you went to the bakery, the butcher, the pharmacist, liquor store and the market for everything else
1980 you went to the supermarket, the liquor store and the pharmacy
2012 you go to the Supermarket or the Walmart for one stop overpriced shopping

1980 that one phone in the kitchen, it was the only phone number you had to remember
2012 you have to remember your home phone, cell phone, husbands and childrens cell phones, your parents home and cell numbers. Oh wait, it is stored in your phone so you don’t need to remember it. Except the battery died on the cell and you are now screwed until you can find the cord to recharge it. It was around here somewhere. I am sure it is where I put the cordless phone so it would be safe from Boo.

1980 we believed everything Walter Cronkite told us
2012 we believe everything the Internet tells us

1980 you read Wifey by Judy Blume and thought you were a rebel
2012 you read 50 Shades in the gym, in full view of everyone who knows what you are reading!

Yup, I can see the conversation with Allie now…When I was your age I walked to school in the snow, uphill in both directions.

Because let’s face it, that sounds so much harder than I had to get my ass off the couch to change the channel.

Photo credit Google images

Second guessing….

Quick aside, I originally had written this to be posted the day after the Boston Marathon. Obviously I had other venting to be done. But because I feel this is an important topic I decided that while the Glee episode has come and gone I still want to know what everyone thinks.


By now, I hope, everyone is aware Robert Saylor’s murder and the acquittal of the officer’s who caused his death. There is a great post by Meriah that you should read (right now, then come back) that puts why his murder is murder in such an eloquent fashion.

As the World turns, right after I read that post I happened to read about a recent Glee episode that depicted a Newtown-esq shooting.  I should admit to never seeing an episode of Glee (even this one I am going to write about)….

Personally, I think anything that brings our children’s safety to forefront of discussion, even if we might not agree when it comes to gun control, is more than important. It should be in our daily conversations, on our minds and not just something that happens and we move on with our lives. I do not think we should have our heads in the sand or disrespect the victim’s memory by forgetting.

That aside, I am conflicted when I read that the ‘shooter’ in the Glee episode has Down syndrome.

My heart is breaking anew over my friend’s whose children have autism had to once again fight the fight that although the Newtown shooter MAY have had autism (we do not know) does not mean that BECAUSE he had autism he became a homicidal maniac.

I want all of our children to be judged on who they are, not what they might be diagnosed (or not diagnosed). And therein lies my conflict…

  • Should the actress, Lauren Potter, who has Down syndrome not get the role of the shooter because some one might think negatively about a person with Down syndrome?
  • Should she be denied the opportunity to play an important role?
  • Should the role not been offered to Lauren so as not to have a negative impact on her community?
  • Should the producers have chosen any other cast member to play the role of the shooter?
  • If the producers had chosen, let’s say an African-American, a homosexual, a girl, a dog with six legs would there be any outcry/worry/concern?

The many thoughts I have on this confuse even me!

I think Lauren Potter should have every opportunity her acting talent allows. And I think it is super cool that she is the face of the Best Buddies and is in a contest with our Quarterback Tom Brady.

glee school shooting

(photo credit: Huffington Post)

I want all of our children to have the best opportunities available. Even if it scares me that the opportunity might not be comfortable.

In the end, at least we get to have the discussion.


I want to thank Rachel from Tao of Poop for calling me beautiful and giving me the Beautiful Mama award. She wasn’t really specific in how I should respond, so I decided to follow her lead and write about the beauty of a Mom.

beautiful mama
Thanks, Rachel!

I never felt beautiful until becoming a mother. No, not more self-esteem issues! But no one, absolutely no one, looks at a person with such adoration as a child to their mother.

I know my mom loves me, like I love my girls. But I also know that a child’s love ‘to’ their mother is just different. Parents see your potential and your flaws. That’s what makes them parents. Otherwise they would let you watch TV all day and eat M&M’s for breakfast.

Children, on the other hand, don’t see their mother’s flaws. They see a beautiful woman, one full of knowledge. They don’t see love handles, muffin tops or frizzy hair. Children don’t see wrinkles or not-perfect teeth.

From the moment they first are laid on your chest, they see love. They trust us implicitly. They trust us to hold their hands, their bikes, to never let them fall.  I never in a million years understood this concept. I think of the hard-time I have my mom in my teenage years. I knew no matter how I pushed the boundaries, I always loved and trusted her to save me. But it took my children to show me, once again, how awesome my mom is. I know I love her more than she loves me, and that is the way a child’s love should be.

A love without flaw.

And now I get to call other woman beautiful, the favorite part of the award! I bestow the title of Beautiful Mama to:

Joy at I can Say Mamma
Bron at Big Brother, Little Sister and the Baby
Dani G at I’m just that way and that’s just me!

There were rules, supposedly, with this award, but since Rachel didn’t follow them it lets me off the hook! For example, I wasn’t sure how many people I was allowed to award, so I stuck with three. But every Mama I know is beautiful!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you and yours are safe and loved.

Jump (for 5 minutes!)

On Fridays one of my favorite things to do is participate in Lisa-Jo Baker’s 5-minute Friday prompt. Five minutes, no editing, unfiltered, just writing from the heart. That is my take anyway. 

This week’s prompt: JUMP

Ready, set, go

Dear the Fellow that I fired, remember when you told me that Boo would never walk, talk, know us. She was six-months old. You told her father and I that she had a brain disorder which meant her brain pattern was ‘too slow’. 

I went home and cried. Then I call your boss. You know the head of Neurology. Who told me you had no right, no freaking right to tell me that my daughter might do or not do anything. She has an unknown genetic disorder NEVER SEEN before. That very rarely do you take MRI’s of 6-month old brains. Exactly what would he have compared to Boo too? 

So he told me you were off our case. We got transferred to another Fellow. An awesome doctor who believes in our daughter.

Four years later, after 9 months of therapy Boo jumped. Yes, you freaking jerk, my daughter not only laughs, signs and talks, knows her sister, her father, myself and HER FRIENDS. My daughter also walks and loves her puppy!

Boo not only loving but kissing her puppy!

And this week not only did she jump, she jumped over a line.

What you took for granted in your knowledge of all things is that you knew nothing of my daughter’s strength, joy, heart and determination. You did not know that she has a circle of people who make her more than you ever gave her credit for.

Boo jumped. And I hate that for a minute you made me think she wouldn’t.

Damn you, you made me doubt my daughter. Just once, at 6m of age. After I talked to your boss, I never did again.

Boo jumped.


Darn it I am out of time! I had so much more to say on this subject. Obviously I have some unresolved anger at that Fellow. But I am also thankful for the Fellow his boss assigned Boo’s care, who is now an MD. This wonderful doctor who saw the potential in Boo and never told me to give up!

Thanks, Lisa-Jo for letting me participate. It is very therapeutic obviously! 

 To join in please visit

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