My Challenge: Eric

I consider myself very lucky today. I have read a lot about autism from the perspective of the parent, the teacher, the doctor, etc…but today I want to introduce you to Eric. A young man who recently graduated high school and entered the work force. 

My Challenge: Autism

My name is Eric and my challenge is having autism.  Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with the words to say what I am feeling.  Sometimes I think people are acting a certain way for a certain reason and my mom and dad tell me that it is probably not for that reason.
I graduated from high school in May of 2013 and I did a lot of volunteer work.  I finally got a paying job last month and now I work as a dishwasher three nights a week.  I really like that I’m finally getting paid.  I am looking forward to my checkbook balance going up.  One day I would like to own my own car instead of driving one that my mom and dad own.

I like being able to drive myself and get around.  I’ve been driving for two years now and I haven’t had an accident.  I am a very good driver.
My favorite things to do are golf, bowling, watching movies, hanging out with my cat, working puzzles, building models and making things.  I created this marionette puppet out of pipe cleaners.
I thought it was pretty cool and brought it to school to show off.

I need people to be willing to explain things to me different ways so I can understand, but then I am just as capable as any other teenager to do jobs.  I like being useful at home and at work.

It is a challenge to have autism and sometimes I wish I didn’t have it but I am learning to live with it.

Wow. Eric. Just. Wow. Thank you for being so cool and honest about living with Autism. How it makes you, well, you but it also changes how the world perceives you. Here’s the thing, though. Almost every one of us knows some one with Autism. They are learning next to you in school but then they grow up. Just like you. They get jobs, they have a fulfilling life.  A person with autism has just as much impact on the world as one who doesn’t, thank you Eric for showing that. And good luck on your new job!

To find more information about Autism, please visit The Organization for Autism Research

What's your challenge is a series that was inspired by a program I created at Abby's school. I am amazed at how honest and hopeful the challenges have been. Thank you to all who have contributed. To submit your challenge, please e-mail me at

6 thoughts on “My Challenge: Eric

  1. Janine Huldie

    Took the words right out of my mouth Kerri and just Wow! Seriously, eric is definitely an inspiration and truly appreciated him being so honest and sharing with us all today what he has accomplished being a young man living with Autism. He has shown and proven that having Autism doesn't mean that one can't live a normal life and succeed at whatever that put their mind to accomplish. Really loving this series and big thanks again to Eric for sharing here today.


  2. Julie

    Eric, thanks so much for sharing your challenge with us. I really love your pipe cleaner marionette! WOW, fantastic creation!! Keep working hard and reaching for your dreams, I think you are the type of person who could do anything you set your mind too 🙂


  3. Dana @ Kiss my List

    Thanks for sharing with us, Eric. I'm glad to hear that you are a good driver. My daughter will get her license next year, and I hope she is a safe driver too. It sounds like you are doing a great job of living with your challenge!


  4. OhBoyMom

    Eric, Thank you so much for sharing your story — you are truly an inspiration! And congratulations on your first job…I bet you'll own your first car in no time.:)



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