You want to explain it to her?

We were shopping over the weekend. I went looking for one thing, ended up with a whole bunch of things I hadn’t planned on buying. I know it happens to the best of us. You go in for a gallon of milk, you come out with three types of cookies, ten bags of chips and forget the milk.

On Saturday we went into the store to get a pair of shorts. 

Shopping with Bridget is a different experience. She is becomming more aware of what she likes (ELSA) and what she doesn’t (a shirt without Elsa). We turned the corner and Bridget came face to face with her nirvana. A wall full of sparkles and Elsa.

Next thing I know my cart has a brand new Elsa nightgown in it.

We get home, she wants it on. NOW. Okay, not bedtime but close enough. We put on the nightgown. All is well until bedtime.

When she asks for pajamas.

I try to explain that she is wearing a nightgown. It’s the same as pajamas. I’m not sure she understands.

In the morning she didn’t understand why she couldn’t wear her “bootiful dress” to school.


Anyone else want to take a shot at explaining it to her?

At least we got the shorts.


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