PECS, days 1&2 updates

We have completed two days of implementing the PECS program at home. Here is how we did:

Day 1 “Creation”. Those that know me, understand that not only am I the least craftiest person on the planet the mere thought of entering a craft store makes me start thinking that it is 5 o’clock somewhere. First I went to and printed off the images (easiest part of this project!).

Then off we went, the girls and hubby came to help navigate the sheer quantities of craft supplies (really, who needs that many ribbons?). We picked up the felt, glue, laminating stuff and velcro. I then spent the next couple of hours cutting and laminating the images (this was not as hard as I thought although I see would still fail cutting w/scissors in kindergarten). 

With a sore thumb I began gluing the felt onto the cardboard. This was a spectacular failure. How could I possibly fail at glue? I have no freaking idea. But I bet I am the only one in the known universe who could not get felt to adhere to ANYTHING but my fingers. So instead we ended up with this:

After all this work, it was Boo’s bedtime and my wine time. Day two we are calling the crafty aunt (who Allie asked me to call while we were in the craft store).

Day 2 Boo is upset, I rush right over to the PECS window and try to offer choices. Except I forgot to take Boo with me. Go back, grab Boo and two choices.  Boo do you want bubbles or the ball? She points to the bubbles and I start blowing. As she walks over to the ball. 

This will be a work in progress!

Quick update: Crafty auntie answered my call of distress. Boo’s updated PECS:

 Now that we have the pretty tools, this should work. Right?

2 thoughts on “PECS, days 1&2 updates

  1. Kathy

    Boy, I can relate. We have done PECS, which David never liked at home and we have used sign language, which David loved. Getting your system set up at home is a huge undertaking. I am having a glass of wine in your honor!

    Thanks for stopping by Butterfly Moments.



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