It’s funny how life works. At Boo’s recent Augmentive Communication appointment they asked us to retry the PECS system. We failed (in a quite spectactular fashion if I do say so myself) when we tried this about a year ago. Boo would just flip thru the picture book.

But I wanted to try. I just had no idea how. Then as fate would have it, this week at one of my favorite blogs ( the author offered some GREAT ideas of ways to implement the PECS system.

Yesterday at Boo’s regular SPT appointment she broached the idea of using the PECS system. Again, fate conspiring! Boo had finally started to respond (in a limited way) to using them in therapy. We both felt that the more exposure the better rate of success. (Yep, I’m a genius!).

So back to Along Came A Bird (really, you need to read her) and I find an update on PECS ideas. Read about it here (but then come back, okay!)

Because Boo’s comprehension for PECS is so limited we are only going to use it for choices. i.e. take her to the board and use hand-over-hand to have her decide between two choices. Hopefully (fingers crossed) it will ease her frustration level and we can grow it from there.

Next step, I went to this website our SPT (have I mentioned she is a fabulous goddess!) gave us for free (yep, FREE) printable PECS. It is called Do2Learn and you can find them for yourself here: 

Now, I have them printed I just need to find some one with a laminater, buy velcro and a mat to hang on the door.

Guess I know what we are doing this weekend. And Allie says I’m not crafty.

Okay, I am not and there will probably be some laminating mishap. How bad could it get?

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