The most amazing thing my body has done is….

When you think about your body, I bet you see the flaws. Okay I see the flaws (of my body, not yours). I avoid the mirror after a shower better than a deer avoids hunting season. I would rather talk or write about anything other than my body.

So with the first Finish that Sentence in over a month I almost skipped. I truly could not think of one amazing thing my body has done. Let alone the most amazing thing my body has done. 

I know, you are thinking: CHILD BIRTH. But well, I didn’t do that too well. Pregnancy, sure. That was easy. Heck it wasn’t until month 7 with Abby that I even thought of maternity clothes (don’t hate me). Yet, I don’t really think that is the most amazing thing my body has done. Every mother, after all, has done it. 

So to be amazing, it has to be unique. Right? 

I was stumped. Truly stumped by this week’s prompt. What is the most amazing thing my body has done? 


How’s that for self-confidence? 

Then I realized it was simple, really. The most amazing thing my body has done is provide whatever Boo needs. I have held Boo down (physically) during a truly invasive, painful procedure yet she willingly runs into my arms. I have comforted Boo during moments of epic meltdowns and moments of a Hallmark-commercial sweetness.

This body is the one Boo clings to more than any other. This body, my body, is the one most likely to soothe, to make secure, to always be there when needed. At 3 in the morning or at 3 in the afternoon. 

It amazes me, with every test I have held her down through, she prefers my body over all others. 

My cheek is the one that rests against hers for a kiss.

My ear lobe is the one she rubs for sensory comfort.

My mouth the one that advocates for her. 

My shoulder is where she rests her head when tired, when sad, when happy and when content.

My lap is the most comfortable seat in any restaurant.

My hips are the one she rests her head against as I do dishes, just wanting to be close to my side. 

My legs are the ones carry her when she wants to walk but is too tired. 

My hand is the one that held as she slides down the ‘big’ slide. 

My arms are the ones that picks her up when she falls and lets her go when she flies.

The most amazing thing my body has done is something not for me, but for my beautiful Boo. 

Finish the Sentence Friday

14 thoughts on “The most amazing thing my body has done is….

  1. Jessica Sweeney

    Absolutely beautiful, and you totally hit the target. I would have never thought of this; normally I would say I hate my body, but now I might think differently about it. Thank you. 🙂


  2. Allison Smith

    I love this – beautiful! I hate when I have to hold one of the kids done for a procedure:(. I like you approach to this week's prompt – I couldn't come up with anything wither, so I bowed out.


  3. Janine Huldie

    Aww, Kerri I love your answer and was actually just thinking while Lily was clinging to me to sleep again (because recently she has been petrified of the dark) that over anyone she prefers and needs me for this time of the day. So, in a strange way I get it and am proud to so that my body is the one thing that she also just looks for and needs when all else fails. I guess and so much more is what being a mom is about and can once again say to you that you are indeed one hell of a mom to both of your girls 🙂


  4. Kristi Campbell

    Aww!! Perfection! I love this so much and am happy happy that you did FTSF and that you realize how wonderful and perfect your body is. Because, mama, it is. Here's to our bodies being the ones they're supposed to be, for our amazing kids. xxoo


  5. Kerri Ames

    Thank you, Jessica. You are right I would always say I hate my body (in bold capital letters) but when I think of how it is used to love my children. Um, yeah. It's a rocking bod


  6. Ruchira Khanna

    Wow! this was such a beautiful post, Kerri.
    You know you are equally blessed to have Boo just as she is having you 🙂

    Your body is just a channel for you to express your love n she hangs on to those body parts as a form of her expression of love and affection.



  7. Eli@coachdaddy

    What a beautiful choice. As parents, we kind of sacrifice the body too – knees, hair, smooth youthful skin. It's all worth it, isn't it?

    I really love this perspective.

    What a lucky girl.


  8. Michelle L. Grewe

    I always thought that our bodies do remarkable things with motherhood, things we don't think about before motherhood. But I don't think our bodies are doing it as much as act as an instrument of the heart. Love is powerful enough to make us do amazing things, even if they don't seem amazing to a passerby at face value. I'm glad you had an easy pregnancy, says the girl who threw up every time I bent over, and then peed myself every time I threw up 🙂


  9. Yvonne

    This is an amazing prompt. I haven't ever joined in this hop before, but after reading a few of the posts for it, I felt inspired to join in and now I'm working my way through the posts I didn't read yesterday. It so interesting the similarities and the differences between the posts.
    That your body can be such a comfort to your Boo is beautiful. Boo shows you that your body is perfect as it is. I guess we could all learn that lesson from our children (at least when they are young.)
    I enjoyed reading this, thanks.



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