Valentine’s chuckle

Husband tries. He really does. He also manages to work every Valentines Day/Night. So I was not expecting much this morning. I woke up this morning to a card from him, “to my lovely wife” and a box of Lindor Chocolates. Now you have to understand, I LOVE Lindor chocolates. But I gave up chocolate for Lent so I figured he was just messing with me.

When I thanked him, but reminded everyone I gave up chocolate for Lent Allie replied:

“Yeah, I thought about it. I am not doing that this year. It just isn’t worth it”.

Then I got a card from the girls. Except it wasn’t a card a daughter(s) give their mommy. It was a card that a husband would give his mother from him and his wife. Seriously, it said….”To My Devoted Mother from the Both of Us”.

It was signed: Allie, Boo, Husband and Bailey the Crazy Puppy. I asked her, why she signed everyone’s name and she replied: Well, I figured Daddy is kind of your kid too.

Ha, gotta love that girl!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s chuckle

  1. Stacey Nicole

    Oh my gosh, that is hilarious. The whole “daddy is kind of your kid too” is spot on. People ask me how the baby is doing (meaning the two year old), and I reply “Which one — the forty-eight year old, the four year old, or the two year old?” Most laugh. Some, apparently, have no sense of humor. My husband surprised me with a sweet card (we usually go for the humorous ones) and flowers from him and a card and chocolates from the boys. We really don't do much for valentine's day or even our anniversary, so I was really surprised. I guess this means I need to go buy him a card!!!


  2. Mama Meerkat

    Haha, oh dear! I was just talking to my mom the other day about it is strange to have Valentine's Day fall during Lent. And Easter is pretty close to St. Patrick's Day with it being so early this year. I could have sworn it was just fall not that long ago!


  3. Kristi Campbell

    Haha! Go Allie! Daddy is your kid too is hilarious. What an insightful little girl! She's learning young 😉
    We didn't do much for Valentine's Day either, just cards to one another and caramels to me. That's a bummer you can't enjoy your chocolates…maybe you can keep them in the freezer for 40 days and eat them all at once!



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