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Healing Stories

A few weeks ago at BlogHer 15 I was invited to be on a panel discussing the importance of sharing our journeys. I was honored to be asked by Care to the People to participate as I firmly believe our life has been made easier by sharing our “healing stories”.

I was on the panel with Sara of Stigma Fighters, Emily of Words I Wheel By and Angelle of Chemo Beanies. Three extraordinary women who show the strength and will to keep sharing their stories to heal themselves and others.

Thank you to Melody and the Care to the People team. It was a pleasure to meet all of you, answer your questions and share my healing story.

Random thoughts

Random thoughts on after a long car ride…

Ever notice that some men have 7 personalities?

Sleepy (on the couch at 7p)

Doc (thinks he knows everything)

Bashful (cannot go to the grocery store alone)

Sneezy (if there is a cold within a 7mile radius he has it)

Grumpy (when they don’t get their own way)

Happy (when not Grumpy)

Last but not least… Dopey (enough said!).

Of course not my husband….

Have a great day everyone!