Why I want to be an Idol

I’m very nervous. I know you are thinking Kerri you have a blog of course you want exposure! But Blogger Idol? First I am not sure I am very qualified. So why am I auditioning for Blogger Idol?

Quite simply, I don’t like doing things that are not worthwhile. Also I am a fierce competitor. Just ask any of my Words With Friends opponents.

But more than that, I want to have my blog be the best it can be. By participating in Blogger Idol I will receive peer feedback. Not just a great post, Kerri. But a true critique of where I can improve, maybe a better way to get my message across and honestly there are some prizes.

Also I will get some exposure. Quite frankly I don’t want the exposure just to have more followers. I want to interact with parents, both those with special children and those with typical.

Here is an example, last week I was in tears when I wrote “Red” about Allie my typical child. I was in tears when I wrote about wondering if I was making Boo more handicapped than she is. I received such a response from people that in both cases, they navigate the same waters with their children. Both typical and not so typical.

That is the type of follower I am craving. One that gets life with Boo and Allie.

Then there are the prizes. Hello, prizes! Design, blog management, pintrest (what the heck is Pintrest? I am sure crafty Auntie K knows), Pic Monkey, Baconery (David will love that one) and Amazon. Hello Amazon! Kindle I can start paying for books again. Although Boo will probably request a musical.

I am warning all of you now, I will be a beggar. I want the critique. I want the prizes. But more I want to meet moms like me. Ones who don’t know what the heck they are doing but trying their best.

So pretty please, vote for me. Vote often.

How can you help? On Facebook go to http://www.facebook.com/bloggeridol and tell them that Undiagnosed But Okay has to be a contender. Also follow me on Twitter @undiangosedbut and retweet my submission.

I warned you I would grovel!

9 thoughts on “Why I want to be an Idol

  1. Stacey Nicole

    I was not sure where we were supposed to throw our support behind you, but I did it below your “I'm In” comment on a post on the page.

    You are a braver woman than me. I don't do critique well, and I don't blog as well as you, so no way would I do this … but I am glad you are!



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